Thursday 30 December 2010

Music at Musings - Paramore, Imelda May, Tom Milsom, Von Bizmark, Charlie McDonnell, Eddplant

Hello, and welcome to Music at Musings! I would say that this is the third last Music at Musings of the year, but we all know by now what happens when I promise to do things - I don't do them and let everyone down. So um... let's get on with it, shall we?

Paramore - Playing God

I was quite surprised when this was released as a single, more than a year after Brand New Eyes came out. But I must say, I'm glad they did all the same. So, let me ask you a question - OMG DID YOU HEAR JOSH AND ZAC ARE LEAVING PARAMORE OMG OMG. Will talk about that more at a later stage... Anyway. I love the spots from old cinema screen, at the start, and doesn't it take on a completely different meaning when you read Josh and Zac's exit statement?

Imelda May - Psycho

Imelda May has equal amounts of style and substance, and really inspires me. All she does is make awesome music and have cool hair. That's it. No need for her own fake eyelashes brand, or reality TV show, or 2011 annual. Just her and her cool hair.

Tom Milsom - Catsongs II (Livia Deliberated)

So you all know I've been raving about Tom Milsom for a while now. I mean, why not? Originality and ingenuity are hard to come by these days... Catsongs II is refreshing because even though it's about love, it's not about romantic love. The boy's parents love him, and he loves his cat. Who's dead. And it's a completely ordinary situation, but it's just so charming.

Von Bizmark - Address The Silence

I've always been fascinated by voodoo dolls. This feeds my addiction quite well. Before I go on, I would like to point out that domestic violence is wrong, even when fuelled by supernatural energies. There.

Charlie McDonnell - Bread

For the last three weeks, this song has been stuck in my head. I'd hate it by now, but I can't! It's so charming and cute, and beautiful, and simple, and sad, and ironic, and pretty, and original... I'd love to animate like that. One day! And did you see that speck of evil in the eyes of Victoria Sponge?! Also, this comes with a good nutritional message for youngsters. 'shudder'

Eddplant - Less Than Three

Yes, yes, I know. 'Eleanor,' you're shouting at me, 'not ANOTHER Admiral?' Well, if you don't like what I write, you don't have to read it. Anyway. The way Eddplant sings is quite... well, 'shouty' but I like it. All these singers today, with those fake accents and weird voices and lilts! Your lilts sound stupid! And Eddplant doesn't. Thank you.

Sorry for the long, long absence. Just in case I don't get to post before the New Year, thank you all so, so much for being there for me through everything. Love you all.

Eleanor Roscuro

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