Thursday 30 December 2010

Welcome To Apostrophe

Hello? Is anyone there?

Oh, thank God. I was beginning to get worried.

Everything looks different, doesn't it? All white, and a bit less red (although you're reading red at the moment. It's my favourite colour) and blue and look! A new name! You see, I warned you this would be coming.


Less of a mouthful than Musings of an Undiscovered Genius, isn't it? Cuts to the chase, which is what an apostrophe does.

Shit! What am I going to call Music at Musings now?! SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT GIVE ME SUGGESTIONS PLEASE

Of course, this blog has a new URL, was taken by some blog with one post from 2000 entirely consisting of the words 'testing....mic check'. That was extremely annoying. But remember now, it's Or

And now, onto matters at hand.

I am typing this at 05:42 on 30th December 2010, early Thursday morning. New Year's Eve tomorrow. Some of you might remember this time last year, when I said...

'I don't believe in New Year Resolutions. But I do have a List Of Things I Am Going To Try To Do And That I Won't Beat Up Myself About If I Don't Happen To Do Them. I haven't thought of a catchy name for it yet as you can see.'

A few days later, I rejected that in favour of a 'dreamboard' with some catchy slogans, nice shots of cities like Paris and New York actresses and singers who inspired me, and still do (eg. Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Florence Welch) and some random models that I thought looked cool. This is how it looked the last time I updated it, a few months ago.

Two hours ago, I decided to take it down, without a replacement.

You see, when I made it, I made it with the intention that it would inspire me. For the past twelve months it's been on my wall beside my bed, and it hasn't been inspiring me at all. Not that I haven't had a year without inspiration, I've had plenty of that! I'm just disappointed with the dreamboard, because for me, it didn't serve it's purpose. Besides, now I have room to put up my copy of the Irish proclamation of independence! It was fun making it and everything, but that was it. If you want to make one for yourself, don't let me put you off! Show me when you're done! But anyway.

I haven't really made New Year's Resolutions before. (Aha! 06:00!) I just didn't think there was anything I needed to drastically change. Of course, there's nothing wrong with me that I need to drastically change either. However, I have decided that I need rules, otherwise I will explode, and bring everyone else down with me. This must not happen.

The Apostrophe Rules

Rule #1 - I will make myself lots of rules, which I will stick to. These rules will be inscribed onto one of the walls of my bedroom in chalk.
Rule #2 - I will try not to worry too much about exams. I will allow myself a brief, sensible period of worry the week before the exams, but that will be all.
Rule #3 - I will find something to do during lunchtimes at school.
Rule #4 - I will try to eat less sweets and more apples. The fact that they hurt my braces shouldn't count.
Rule #5 - I will try to read books more. 
Rule #6 - I will stop watching reality TV shows, to leave more time for relaxation.
Rule #7 - I will finish what I start.
Rule #8 - I will keep my promises.
Rule #9 - I will not be an annoying and/or irritating friend.
Rule #10 - I will try to go to the cinema more often, especially now that I can watch 15 films (although there is the matter of whether I look 15 enough to be let in...)
Rule #11 - I will try to get enough sleep.
Rule #12 - I will learn first aid, because it is about time.
Rule #13 - I will take more photos.
Rule #14 - I will cycle more, at least twice a week to start with. Weather permitting.
Rule #15 - I will get rid of the books that I don't read anymore, and read the books I've been meaning to read.
Rule #16 - I will not say things I don't mean and things I know will be bad to say.
Rule #17 - I will not start drinking or smoking, because I've gone this far already, and I can't afford it, and I would be disowned, and alcohol doesn't taste nice (I've tried it enough times to know that) and I know better.
Rule #18 - I will stop whining on my blog.
Rule #19 - I will learn new skills, and be the best version of myself I can be (without being perfect of course, that's impossible) in 2011.

Ta da!

I'm not sure if this is my last post of 2010 or not. Wow. I'm never any good at writing thank yous or anything, because it just sounds fake to me. But I hope you all know and appreciate how highly I value you. Thank you so, so much for all your kind words, and for reading, and for making me a better person, and for allowing me to see things differently. You rock.

Take care.

This has been Eleanor Roscuro...


Mack said...

I really like your new name, too [it's very witty]. :)

Apollo's Apostrophes, maybe? The god of music- he directed the choir of the MUSES- I'm on a roll today!

I really like your list, too- it's a very good, realistic set of goals I am sure you'll accomplish.

Thankyous sound fake to me, too, but I appreciate you also!

Eleanor Roscuro said...

Hey Mack. Thank goodness you're here, I was beginning to think that there was a mix-up with the URLs and no one could find this or something like that. Anyway.

Apollo's Apostrophes? That is so good! Arrgh! You're really good at blog names! Do you think it's too late to change it? It's only been sixteen hours. Hmm...

Eleanor Roscuro

Aoife. said...

omgomgomgomg don't you ever to that to me again, Eleanor, you scared me half to death.
With you off gallavanting with your hip friends changing your url and me sitting at home worrying you had deleted your blog. I WILL NOT BE THIS EASY ON YOU NEXT TIME.

XxLadyBugxX said...

I like the new name!! Couldnt find u for ages though!! U could call it " between the barlines" as barlines r kinda like apostrophies in music!! Well not really, but thats how i think of them!! My profuse apologies for the use of text language, am typing on my phone.

Emma :) said...

Arghhh Google Reader *shakes fist* turns out I haven't been getting your blog through. Sigh.