Monday 29 March 2010

Music at Musings: Republic of Loose, Mumford & Sons, Marina & The Diamonds, Daisy Dares You, All Time Low, The Coronas

Hello, and welcome to Music at Musings! (This is the bit where you applaud. Now.)

Today on the show, we've got a lot of music, so crank up your speakers!

*Republic of Loose

The best part of this is the chorus. Na na na na na, na na na na... Oh, and the aaaa-aaaaaaahhhh-ohhhh bit after the first verse.

*Mumford & Sons

These guys from London are my new love. I couldn't decide between Little Lion Man and The Cave, so I'll show you both!

*Marina and the Diamonds

Yep, she's back. I love this song. It relates to me a lot, I think. Plus, I love the single piano at the start and how it slowly builds up, into this feel-good anthem!

*Daisy Dares You

Daisy is only sixteen, people! She's from Essex in England and she completely rocks! Number One Enemy is about an argument she had with her younger sister Scarlett, and I like the Alice in Wonderland theme going on in the video. And I don't usually like R&B or hip hop, but I like Chipmunk's voice here in this song.

*All Time Low

I have to admit, I've only been a fan of All Time Low since only yesterday! I was watching Q and this song came up, and I liked it so much, it's on Music at Musings now. If anyone knows any other good All Time Low songs, will you tell me? Thanks!

*The Coronas

I was talking to my friend on Facebook and he recommended this song for me. I think it's beautiful, mournful but beautiful. Is that weird? Ah, who cares!

Inspiro-Girls - Miss Vintage Vixen

Miss Vintage Vixen is my favourite blogger ever. Fact.

Miss Vintage Vixen is witty, glamorous, kooky, fun, and gosh-darn fabulous! Plus, she calls everyone cupcakes. That officially seals the deal for me.

Come say hi, you'll fall in love, I promise!

*Describe yourself in five words.

Comeback-clever, SHORT, nerdy, naive and spunky. {Here, watch me cheat, I'll add another one: I'm famous for being emotional.}

*Your blog is fabulous! What's it about and what inspired you to set it up?

Well, the truth sets you free {apparently}, so I'll be truthful: I was so incredibly mad when I was on vacation with my family. It was two in the morning, and everyone in the cramped hotel room was asleep, but I was awake, my laptop was on, and I was watching old reruns of The Nanny on TV. I was mad at my family because I felt they didn't understand me, or didn't respect what I wanted to do with my life, so I decided to write about it in a blog post of a blog I already had. But I knew that many people I knew already read that blog, so I made up a new one. I talked about how I was a great debater, how I never dropped a subject, and I was mad at the world, and my parents. Slowly, it became a place where I ranted and discovered new addictions, like my love for vintage, photography, and apparently now, music.

{Not that I'm a musician or anything. Just listen to me sing - I sound like a dying orca whale.}

*If you could return to a specific era, what would it be and why?

If I could return to 6th grade, the era when I was first in love, I would, but this time, I would most definitely change up my attitude. Ever hear the phrase 'Play hard to get'? I took that advice to the extreme... almost to the point where I denied to even speak to the guy. Only when he spoke to me was I nice. I felt like if I laughed louder, danced in the halls, and was not afraid to do what I felt like doing, I could have maybe, just maybe, impressed everyone else. I wanted everyone to know that there WAS a person in the planet who was intelligent, and crazy, and klutzy, and studious, and rhythmic, and that was me.

*What do you love most about being a girl in the world?

The thing that I love most about being a girl... well, I love a lot of things about being a girl over a boy, but the thing that I love most about being a girl over a boy is that I can cry whenever I want without being called 'gay' or sissy. I like to cry... a lot. I like to watch movies to cry, I cry because of a depressing song I heard on the radio, I cry because I hear people yelling at each other, I cry because someone who was probably a huge idiot on the Hollywood scene died, I cry because I won an award, I cry because the world is going to end someday, I cry, and nobody seems to mind. Girls understand.

*What five songs would be essential to a Miss VV soundtrack?

Yes, what an excellent question? Okay, if there were a soundtrack to my life, I want it to be upbeat... even though there are many other songs that I love that are slow and depressing, like Coldplay. But the top five songs that I would most definitely pick for a soundtrack of me, they would be:

  • Crazy In Love - Beyonce {Why? Oh, that song has been my song since it first came out in 2003!}
  • The Way I Am - Ingrid Michaelson {Why? Sweetest song ever written, and it's so true, as well!}
  • Flashing Lights - Kanye West {The one song in Miss Vintage Vixen history that was SO GOOD, that I replayed it 30 times on my iPod, and danced to it while driving in the car, on my way up to Big Bear}
  • Nothing On You - B.O.B.
  • Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson {The one song on the planet that I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever get tired of.}

*What's your motto for life?

You know, it's kind of creepy how coincidental this is... I was *just* talking with my best friend over Facebook, and she asked me what my motto in life was, and I told her I didn't have one. And right after that I got a post-it note and wrote on it: "Find a motto for life". And it's hanging right on my computer screen, as I write this.

*Quick-fire round! Your favourite... Book/Food/Movie/Shop/Website/City/Activity?

  • BOOK! Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban {or Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows}
  • FOOD! Lasagna {I figured chocolate didn't count as a solid food}
  • MOVIE! The Perfect Man
  • SHOP! Charlotte Russe
  • CITY! Chula Vista, baberz. Haven't been to New York City yet, so I can't differ!
  • ACTIVITY! Reading... most definitely. And I'm not even being cliche.

*The colour pink, discuss.

Oh, the colour pink. What a controversial colour. Well, the colour pink for me is not something I count as symbolic {you know, for girls}, but mostly, just a style preference. My cousin {hmm, you just gave me the idea to write a post about her} is six years-old, and pink is her life. I think it's just because she's a girl, and she thinks she needs pink to prove the point she's a girl, and girls have to be girly. Pink for me is not what I need... only when the outfit calls for it!

*Who or what makes you jump-in-the-air happy?

WHO: Rupert Grint! {And David Tennant... *blushes*}

WHAT: People telling me they like something about me. Yeah, really...

You can find Miss Vintage Vixen here:

Sunday 28 March 2010

Quote Of The Week #5

I don't understand how a woman can't leave the house without fixing herself up a little - if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that's the day she has a date with destiny that day. And it's best to be as pretty as possible for destiny...

Coco Chanel

Wednesday 24 March 2010

A Love Of The Ages

This is just something small I wrote a couple of days ago. I'm trying to decide should I put any of my writing up here, but I'll give it a try!

A Love Of The Ages

Oh. My. God.

Dan's walking towards me.

I know it's me, because he's waving and calling 'Rebecca!' which is my name. I know, just call me Nancy Drew!

'Rebecca! I've been looking for you.'

He's been looking for me! That probably means he wants to tell me something important. That's what my best friend Georgia says. Georgia knows a lot more about boys then I do, having had a boyfriend for more than a whole month.

'I just want to ask you something...'

Oh God! I bet he's going to ask me out! I've been planning our first date every day in Maths. First we'll go to the cinema and see the new Hugh Grant film, Flowers And Chocolates. Then, he'll take me for dinner in McDonalds!... And he'll pay for everything, of course. After, we'll go for a romantic stroll in the park, and we'll stop in the rose garden, and his lips will lean towards mine...

Georgia told me that one time, this lad took her to the chipper, and when they got their chips, he left! But that won't happen with Dan and me. Ours is a love of the ages! We're like Romeo and Juliet, or Bella and Edward!

'So Rebecca, I was wondering...'

I twirl my hair around my finger, trying to look sexy, but I get a big knot in my hair and cover it up with my hand. 'Yes Dan?'

'Will you ask Georgia out for me? She's hot!'

Wednesday 17 March 2010

La Fheile Padraig

Today is Paddy's Day everyone! And it's my patriotic duty to post about it, since I'm too young to get drunk. Saint Patrick is kind of a fake anyway. Here:

  • Patrick DIDN'T drive the snakes out of Ireland. The cold and wet did that, 200 years before Patrick showed up in Ireland.
  • Patrick DIDN'T bring Christianity to Ireland. When Roman Britian collapsed, some of the new Christians fled to Ireland from the pagan invaders and took their religion with them,
    years before Patrick.
  • Patrick WASN'T the first Irish bishop. The first Irish bishop was Palladius, appointed by the Pope. But he didn't stay long. He couldn't speak the language, didn't like the country and the Irish threw stones at him.

So there. 'nods smugly'

But this is my favourite Patrick story which is probably true...

Patrick went to the Rock of Cashel to baptize High King Leary. By then, Patrick was getting a bit old so he always had to stick his bishop's staff into the ground to heave himself on to his feet. Unfortunately the staff went through King Leary's foot and pinned it to the ground. But Leary didn't complain or shout 'Watch me bloody foot!' because he thought it was all part of the baptism service!

Oh, and I want to know what all of ye are doing for Paddy's Day. Are there parades where you live? Is there a politician there from Ireland? Every year all our politicians, including the Taoiseach, go abroad for Paddy's Day, but they all spend thousands on limosuines and hotel suites, and everyone gives out about it because they're spending taxpayers money. And Ireland is the worst hit country in Europe from the recession.

La Fheile Padraig!

Friday 5 March 2010

Quote Of The Week #4

A man was convicted of a serious offence, but somehow he neglected to mention at his trial that he was in prison when the crime was committed. Asked why he didn't tell the court this, he explained, 'I was afraid it would prejudice the jury against me.'

Humorous Irish Anecdotes by Aubrey Dillon-Malone.