Wednesday 24 March 2010

A Love Of The Ages

This is just something small I wrote a couple of days ago. I'm trying to decide should I put any of my writing up here, but I'll give it a try!

A Love Of The Ages

Oh. My. God.

Dan's walking towards me.

I know it's me, because he's waving and calling 'Rebecca!' which is my name. I know, just call me Nancy Drew!

'Rebecca! I've been looking for you.'

He's been looking for me! That probably means he wants to tell me something important. That's what my best friend Georgia says. Georgia knows a lot more about boys then I do, having had a boyfriend for more than a whole month.

'I just want to ask you something...'

Oh God! I bet he's going to ask me out! I've been planning our first date every day in Maths. First we'll go to the cinema and see the new Hugh Grant film, Flowers And Chocolates. Then, he'll take me for dinner in McDonalds!... And he'll pay for everything, of course. After, we'll go for a romantic stroll in the park, and we'll stop in the rose garden, and his lips will lean towards mine...

Georgia told me that one time, this lad took her to the chipper, and when they got their chips, he left! But that won't happen with Dan and me. Ours is a love of the ages! We're like Romeo and Juliet, or Bella and Edward!

'So Rebecca, I was wondering...'

I twirl my hair around my finger, trying to look sexy, but I get a big knot in my hair and cover it up with my hand. 'Yes Dan?'

'Will you ask Georgia out for me? She's hot!'


Miss Vintage Vixen said...

LOL! This is good! Ha ha ha, this made me laugh out loud! Good one!

Post more like these, I like it!

Anonymous said...

Awesome piece!

Lauri Angel said...

Aw ouch!! Haha like it :P :)