Sunday 9 January 2011

Quote of the Week #37

omgomgomgomg don't you ever to that to me again, Eleanor, you scared me half to death. With you off gallavanting with your hip friends changing your url and me sitting at home worrying you had deleted your blog. I WILL NOT BE THIS EASY ON YOU NEXT TIME.



Aoife. said...

I don't actually believe it. The week that my blogger dashboeard plays up and doesn't show my half of the blogs I read, SO THIS POST DOESN'T SHOW UP I am in Quote of The Week. This is a very cruel world.
Oh and by the by, djvnwvbhbvjTHANK YOU.

Aoife. said...

(spelling/grammer mistakes = excitement)

Loulou said...

This is sooo cool! wow. You, Ms Roscuro, are one cool blogger, like legit! hahah no i dont really talk like that, but its fun to pretend!

Magda^_^ said...

Wow,great blog!!:))

pinkapplecore said...

Miss Aoife sounds like an epic friend, anyone who uses gallivanting in conversation has to be.

Icebat said...

ohh! i want to say a quote in somebody's quote of the week! that'd be cool!