Tuesday 4 January 2011

I Am Truly Pathetic.

So last night I was thinking about the Apostrophe Rules up there.

And I realised that if I squint my eyes a bit, all I can see are 'WILL NOT!!'s and 'MUST TRY!!' and 'STOP!!' and that isn't fun.

So that's the end of that then. The only rule I really need is to have no rules. People ask you 'What advice would you give to yourself five years younger?' or something like that, and my answer would be 'Follow your instincts' so five year old me will do the same things and make the same mistakes as me now, because, even though there have been bad times, I wouldn't change any of that. And I'm not going to let some 'rules' control me, or my future.

I lasted four days. FOUR DAYS...


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