Thursday 12 August 2010

Things I Really Must Do Over The Summer - Revisited #2!

I know I'm a little late with this, seeing as it's August 12th, but by doing this I want to prove a point. I have two weeks left in this summer. This is what I planned to do to fill the last three months:
  • Finish Fresia I'm on the third draft, but all the plays I've seen with the Red Square Kibosh have influenced my ideas...
  • Try to go to beach - often ...Ah. That. Well, I'm going on holiday next week, so maybe... 
  • Go for picnics in Castle Park I've spent most of last month and this month inside the castle, and I have lunch there, with my friends, so can I pass? Hang on, this is my list! Of course I can!
  • Go to Holidays premiere Still waiting for details...
  • Read 100 books Ugh. I have failed miserably. I bow down to you Ariella!
  • Write list of 100 books to be read See 'Read 100 books'.
  • Write at least three articles for PunchTheSphinx 1 more to go...
  • Don't stay up and sleep all day, such a waste. (This blog post is being written at 00:52. I love burning the midnight oil, but it's really difficult because I can't wake the rest of the house, and they can't know I'm up... Why did I have to get the creaky door? I haven't done that since June! And I really want to. I had to get up early every day for the past month, thank you Red Square Kibosh and I'm relying on my last week to try to go to bed earlier, get in the habit for school. Wah!
  • Get new clothes. The Urlingford Package! Every year, my twenty-four year old cousin sends me all her old clothes, although she is very small, and her trousers are getting short in the leg... My cousin will be getting the Bennettsbridge Package soon. Then she'll pass the clothes on to another cousin. Who will pass the clothes on to her sister. Who will then get some new patches!
  • Watch three Audrey Hepburn movies. Ah.
  • Get new Converse. Remember the Stars and Stripes Converse I got? Well, they don't fit me anymore, so I got some new ones, (PRODUCT) Red for €14 euros in TK Maxx! My mum thinks they're too big for me, but Size 8 fits perfectly!
  • Dye hair bright red. I will be getting the ends of my hair dyed blue soon, and that'll be it. I was thinking about getting a pixie cut a la Emma Watson/Carey Mulligan, but I decided against it. For now...
When I was writing that, I got really annoyed, because from that list, you wouldn't think I've done much this summer at all. But I have! I have... (Bullet point time!)
  • Been an art critic
  • Cleared out my books (You'll find out about that in a post...)
  • Gave Kilkenny Some Loving
  • Learnt how to make coffee (Not for me, yuck!)
  • Took part in Life in a Day
  • Started video blogging
  • Learnt how to make podcasts (Should I make podcasts for you, my dears? Oh! I could do radio plays! That would be so cool!)
  • Been offered a once-in-a-lifetime interview opportunity which I will tell you about at the end of this post... (This is me, building up the suspense... Ooh...)
  • Learnt how to make animations (I'm in the middle of making one now, so keep your eyes peeled!)
I am so proud of myself! Everyone should do this, even if you think that you've done nothing this summer. Yes you have. And now, I have two things to tell you about! (Including the absolutely amazing interview that I am doing...Ooh...)

Second biggest but still important news first... I told you all that I was an author on PunchTheSphinx? Well, I've written this post on how to write a kick-ass blog, and I'd love it if you would give it a little read! I think it's my best post for PunchTheSphinx yet. Give it a read, and then check out some of the other articles! They're class like. (I've never typed that before. Wow.)

And now, on to my other news...

Remember the Red Square Kibosh? Of course you do! *ruffles hair fondly* Well, I have been given an ultra-exclusive opportunity...

To interview...







For those who are not fans of the Skulduggery Pleasant books, that's the author. I'm going to get an exclusive interview with him on Saturday. Two days time. *faints*

So, everybody, if you have any questions for Derek, put them in the comments, and they shall be asked! (Well, you know, the sensible ones. Nothing offensive, don't try that.) Remember, give them to me by Saturday!

Trying to come up with a new sign-off thingy,

Eleanor Roscuro

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Ariella said...

That's okay that you didn't finish 100 books. I gave up too... Sigh.
But, I finished the first draft of my manuscript, so it wasn't a total waste of time! :-) And I started a new manuscript.