Monday 19 July 2010

You've Just Started Reading A Blog Post By Eleanor Roscuro, Which Makes You A Genius!

This might seem strange, but apart from using videos for Music at Musings, and the Potter Puppet Pals (BOTHER!) I've never gone onto YouTube that much. All I seemed to hear about YouTube was those rude Postman Pat videos my brother watches all the time.  Then my friend told me about Charlie McDonnell. Yep, him.

Do you remember? I'm going to marry him! And this guy:

And him:

Yeah, he's handsome. The first video I saw was A Song About Acne, and you can't not love him after watching it. Here, I'll prove it:

I did tell you. It's addictive. He performs other daft songs too, and you can challenge him to do something weird, like paint himself purple or eat baby food. He's even been challenged by Philip Schofield and his daughter. And he's utterly likable, and witty, and quite nerdy, and quite very talented, like I've said. Stephen Fry voices his outros. Stephen Fry, AKA God in tweed.

Alright, I can't resist another. This is one of my favourites, Understanding Teenage Boys! (Don't tell me you've never wondered...)

Oh damn it, I've run out of butter. My skin smells like skin!


Eleanor Roscuro


Ailish said...

God in tweed. :P I've been watching Charlie for a while.. I think just before the purple man one.. LOVE HIM! :)

Ariella said...

Nice post. Have you ever watched a Very Potter Musical? It's hilarious. Sequel is coming out soon!!! :-D

Gracex said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE CHARLIE! I "discovered" him on the blog of, A Wallflowers Words" My favourite is the first one I saw, Understanding Teenage Girls, you should check out an American VidCon friend of his, OwlsSayHoot, is her channel name.

Mary Lee said...

haha you are a dedicated person :)