Tuesday 20 July 2010

Special Blog Announcement! (Wow, I Sound So Authoritive!)

This is a Special Blog Announcement because I was going to post about two other things, even though I can only remember one of them at the moment, but then I got a lovely award, called the Honesty Award, from Macky at A Wallflower's Words. Give her a follow! She said my writing was 'very awesome'! Hooray! I have to answer some questions for the award, honestly of course, so I'll shoot:

Share one thing that nobody knows about you.
Absolutely nobody? OK... When I'm talking to my friends, I end every second sentence with 'Because I'm brilliant!' but I don't really think I am.

What is your biggest regret in life?
My biggest regret in life... At the moment, that is not cleaning my room. I'm in it now, and it makes me sad.

What would you do with a thousand dollars?
I'd get guitar lessons and put the rest towards a new house. I hate Bennettsbridge, I want to live in Kilkenny city, cause that's where it's at, yo dawg! Or something.

If you could go back in time, would you still be with the person you are with right now?
If you mean my imaginary boyfriend, then no.

What do you like or dislike about my (the tagger's) blog page?
There's nothing really to dislike about A Wallflower's Words! I like the new template, and the cool dictionary definitions, and all the creative posts that make a great blog!

I hereby award the Honesty Award to:

~ Leanne Woodfull from Thunder + Threads
~ Grace from Not Another Love Song
~ Jenny from Fiction Isn't Fair
~ Lauri from Lauri Angel
~ Ailish from Hello, I've Missed You Quite Terribly


Eleanor Roscuro


Gracex said...

Wow thanks so much Eleanor! I'm not really sure what to do though, do I answer the questions?

Ailish said...

You live in Bennettsbridge?! WTAF I went there on holidays a few years ago, we stayed in that campsite. OH MY GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS. D:

I'll calm down now, thanks!! :D

Eleanor Roscuro said...

@Ailish OH MY GOD!!! This is so cool!