Sunday 25 July 2010

Music at Musings - Live Lounge Top 5

Hey there! This is a special Music at Musings, all about BBC's Live Lounge! As you know, I'm a huge fan of the Live Lounge. It's a British radio programme where well-known artists perform one of their songs and one by another artist, acoustically. The songs that are covered are usually from a completely different genre then the artist originates, and offer a new perspective on the songs. I still have many more to see, but out of the ones I've seen so far, this is my Top 5, in no particular order...

(I can't find videos for a lot of my Top 5, so I suppose this is revised, if you know what I mean...)

Marina and the Diamonds - Starstrukk (originally by 3OH!3)

I've featured this on another Music at Musings, but I just love this cover! Marina gives a whole new meaning to the song. I never knew it could be so melancholy and meaningful! 3OH!3 should be ashamed, but I think they're too busy singing about kissing like every other Top 40 artist...

The Noisettes - When You Were Young (originally by The Killers)

I have to say, I don't really like The Noisettes, but I love this cover. It's not mellow, but it's... summery. They made The Killers even summier. Summier?! Oh, just watch it.

Kasabian - The Sweet Escape (originally by Gwen Stefani)

When you put the wackiness of Gwen Stefani with the... awesomeness of Kasabian, you know the result's going to be good. My favourite parts are the last bit (Don't let that money change ya!) and when they sing 'Come on let's bounce,' because I automatically start bouncing. It's fun.

Lady Gaga - Poker Face

OK, I know this isn't really a cover, since it's actually her song, but how could I leave this out? This is epicness in a cool hat.

You Me At Six - Starry Eyed (originally by Ellie Goulding)

Starry Eyed isn't my favourite Ellie Goulding song, but I like it all the same. I will admit I don't know a lot of YM@6's music, but I like this!

I wish I could have put more in, but I think five is a good number.


Eleanor Roscuro


AnnaMcGarry said...

I like the Starry Eyed cover, but it sounds like the guy is singing "story eyed"

Anonymous said...

I love Live Lounge covers, and some of them I think are much better than the orignals.
Love your blog,

-molly xo