Thursday 22 July 2010

Cast Your Minds Back...

Remember the... I don't need to ask this. Of course you remember! You do, don't you?

OK. Let's start again.

Yesterday, I posted a Sons Of Admirals video, Here Comes My Baby, on Music at Musings and this post is about one of the band members. Yes, I am talking about the wonderful Alex Day. Comedian, musician, and English guy! But I think there is only one person who can truly introduce us to Nerimon...

He is most famed for his Alex Reads Twilight series, but I don't know which chapter to upload, so I'll give you something from his other series, where he makes fun of British artist's stupid lyrics. This one is quite memorable...

I told you it was memorable.

Like I mentioned above, Alex is also a musician, and has released two albums, Parrot Stories and The World Is Mine (I Don't Know Anything) and an EP all about computer games called 117% Complete. This is one of my favourite music videos of his, The Time Of Your Life, directed by some guy called Charlie. Do you know him?

That makes me laugh so hard... And this is my other favourite, Holding On. Look out for Tom Milsom on glockenspiel! (Glockenspiel. I love saying that word.)

He's also inventor of Trock, or Time Lord Rock, which consists of songs about Doctor Who. I'm not a Who fan myself (I've always wanted to see it, but I think I'm too late...) but his Trock band, Chameleon Circuit, is quite famous among those circles I hear.


Eleanor Roscuro


Ailish said...

I actually love that guy. He's just too funny. He looks kinda like my friend too. Except taller.

Grace said...

Yeah he looks like a guy I know except taller too!!! :O
Yeah I love him and that video the "memorable" one is fantastic isnt it!!!