Sunday 1 August 2010

Life In A Day Is Resurrected!

I have found my Life in a Day videos! I love you Picasa, even though I can't resize pictures so I can't use them as post headers and thumbnails on PTS, but I still love you! I'm sorry everyone, for being so cross and swearing so much on my last post about it. I was just frustrated. But now you get to see my tour of Kilkenny, in all it's unedited, hand-shakingly glory! My hand does shake a lot. Just so you know. And I couldn't show you all my favourite places in Kilkenny, because YouTube only allows ten minutes, and the camera I was using only had ten minutes of film in it, so that was convenient. I recorded it in six parts, this is the first:

I know, I know, it's unprofessional and weird. But I've never vlogged before, so bear with me!

And here's the link to Grace's posts on St. Canice's Cathedral! Sorry that my close-up is really close up, there was no room in that tower, and I was afraid of dropping the camera! Onwards... I keep saying that!

No, you don't have to give me money! I hope I won't be arrested or anything for that...

My hair and my eyes are crazy! I think I will start vlogging this week, and I assure you the camera will be steadier! At the moment my YouTube username is EleanorLight14 but I'm hoping this can change... And I have 41 followers?! This is awesome! Thank you so much everybody!


Eleanor Roscuro


Lauri Angel said...

Luvin' the sweet shop one :D That shop is so cute! :)

Ace-Of-Aoife. said...

I can't wait for your vlogs. . .I bet they'll be great ^^