Saturday 31 July 2010

Do You Know This Woman?

Last Sunday, I was up in Galway for the opening of the Galway Arts Festival! It took the form of a huge parade called the Macnas, which was the best parade I have ever seen. Forget St Patrick's Day, you need to see the Macnas. I have videos of it if anyone wants me to post them? Anyway, after the Macnas was over the various street performers that Galway is famous for came back on to the street and started performing again. One of the street performers was this woman:

She's quite clever, playing on people's curiosities! Isn't her costume and her manner beautiful? Anyway, I went up to get my slip of paper, and she took a long time deciding mine, but she eventually gave me this:

Cool or what?! Can you see the handwriting? I wonder what she wrote it with... Nice, isn't it?


Eleanor Roscuro

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Grace said...

Oh That is so lovely!!!
I think I'm going to the festival tomorrow, hopefully I can't wait!
And congratulations on the reviewing of Arts week! You'll have lots of experience from the review panel!