Thursday 29 July 2010

2010 - The Summer Of Being Professional, Arty, And Bloggery.

It may seem from the Things I Really Must Do Over The Summer post last month (and the one I'll probably do in a few days, seeing as July is almost over...) that I haven't been doing much this summer. Well actually... I have. And no, I don't mean just blogging. I am now an art critic!

Yeah, I didn't expect it either.

The Kilkenny Arts Festival is starting in two weeks time. The Butler Gallery in Kilkenny has started a Young Critics group for young people. We're getting back-stage passes to all the exhibitions in the festival, we get to interview almost everybody involved, curators, artists, exhibitors etc, and then we get to acclaim or condemn them in different ways, like on a blog we set up yesterday, podcasts, videos, screaming at people on the street... we came with some really extreme methods. It was awesome. And we get free food too! And the food is really good!

These past two weeks (this week and last week) we have attended workshops on different art techniques - animation, stencilling, photography, painting and sculpting - to get a feel for artists' techniques and we have set up a blog for those of us who want to critique there. We've come up with a better name for us than Kilkenny Young Critics and we've got a manifesto, we're in the process of choosing our theme tune! Oh, and the name of our group is...

The Red Square Kibosh!

The red square bit is the logo of the Butler Gallery, and kibosh means to put an end to. So this summer, I will be writing on three blogs: The Red Square Kibosh, PunchTheSphinx and here at Musings! You'll never be rid of me! NEVER!


Eleanor Roscuro

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