Monday 5 July 2010

Bloggers Do It Better

In the LIFE magazine that came with the Sunday Independent yesterday, I read the Stylewatch column, and it said this:

Stylewatch: The Return of Magazines

Suddenly, we find we're over the whole blogging thing. Let's face it, if these people were actually any good, wouldn't they have a job within the industry, in an actual proper mag? Maybe it's a general growing ennui with the whole online-expression thing, but we find we're returning with gusto to good old magazines. You're not subjected to the petty whinging and the desperate, relentless self-promotion of the online scribes, plus somebody else has whittled out all the rubbish for you. So refreshing.

I mean, I like magazines. I read KISS, Teen Vogue and Official Nintendo Magazine, and enjoy them very much. But they shouldn't be so snobby about blogs, fashion or otherwise! For example, one reason I like blogging is because it gives me the opportunity to practice writing often. I write blog posts here, I write in my diary, I write poetry, I write plays... And I become a little better at it all the time. And I want to keep on doing it for a long time.

And just because someone writes a blog doesn't mean she doesn't have a job in the industry. I know of lots of widely published authors who write blogs in their spare time. And the self-promotion thing? The only people who self-promote their blogs desperately and relentlessly are the ones who have nothing going for themselves, or their blog, and can't rely on word-of-mouth. But networking helps of course.

AND blogs are cheaper than magazines, and better for the environment! *nods smugly*



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Black nails & Epic fails said...

Whoever wrote that thing about blogs has no idea. I mean who cares if they're not 'in' and 'trendy'? They're still good.