Monday 14 June 2010

The Stuff You Have Been Waiting Your Whole Life To Know!


Remember when I said I unfollow blogs because I don't like how they write, and other various reasons? One thing is that if you feel you don't know the person behind a blog, the new posts from them that pop up in your Dashboard become insignificant. I will try to remedy this now:

Some Stuff About Me - Because Who Wouldn't Want To Know?
  • My middle name is Maura. Maura is for my grandmothers, who were named Mary and Myra respectively.
  • Last week, my Converse became too small for me, so I have no shoes. Until my new pair come in the post!
  • One of my greatest ambitions is to open an old-fashioned sweetshop, like the ones our parents used to go to, with huge slabs of toffee, and bonbons, and chocolate... You should all come!
  • When I was eleven, I took a solemn vow not to set foot in Penneys/Primark ever again, because their cheap clothes are made in sweatshops by five year-olds.
  • This is why I don't buy clothes very often.
  • I plan to marry Ed Westwick, Rupert Grint, Tom Felton, Russell Brand, David Tennant, and Penn Badgley... Hee hee.

And now, something for your cinematic viewing pleasure!

Oh, I will also marry Charlie McDonnell too.




Jamie said...

Look, I'm only going to say this once, Eleanor. Your blog looks like all sorts of fun, plus I fell in love with Ireland two years ago when I flew over for a visit (stayed in Dublin and County Kerry), and then re-fell in love with it this winter when I started reading everything Maeve Binchy has ever written. Keep writing, my little Irish lass.

EleanorLight said...

I'm glad you love Ireland so much! I have relations in Kerry, have you been to Kilmoyley?

Ariella said...

I so wanna come to your sweet shop! And I might fight you for David Tennant or Charlie McDonnell. His videos are hilarious!
And I LOVE Doctor Who!

Ariella said...

I made an award!