Tuesday 15 June 2010

Just Enjoy The Show...

So there I was, drafting a post, when I decide to go on to Musings, to check for comments and see if anything needs to be fixed, when I found a comment from Ariella, saying that she had made her own blog award, and I was one of the first recipients! After whooping and running around a bit, I sat down and started fulfilling the requirements. Which is what I'm doing now. OK, I have to post 'the weirdest picture that you've ever seen or taken' and since I don't really take photos that are weird (I never get the opportunity...) here's the weirdest photo I have ever seen...

I didn't take this, but I was still present when this was taken. But that doesn't matter. Look at that arm! Oh, and SGuitar is there too, in the middle. He's quite new to blogging, so give him a read! Yep, this is what Kilkenny Youth Theatre do in their spare time... Told you we were awesome.

And now I have to answer questions.

*Have you ever used Photoshop?

No, but I have used Picasa. I can't make photos the size I want them to for PTS posts though, which is really annoying! (PTS is for another post, dearies...)

*Have you ever wanted to kill your camera because you couldn't get the perfect picture?

Many, many times. But I dropped it in the snow a few months ago, and now parts of it don't work right, and it makes me sad. And it's really frustrating.

*Have you ever taken a picture from the top of a very steep hill or a cliff?

I try not to go near the tops of very steep hills and cliffs.

And now I have to give the award to eight other people...

Lauri Angel

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.{Miss Vintage Vixen}.

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Annalee McGarry

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Miss Vintage Vixen said...

Hey girlfriend!
And thank you! :)

Gracex said...

wow, that picture is gorgously weird!!! i just checked out lauriangel, her posts aare great! you r deffinitly one of myfavourite bloggers eleanorlight!!!

Ariella said...

That is one weird picture...
Gotta love my deer with glowing eyes though! Lol!
What are those deer eating over here in Wisconsin..?

Lauri Angel said...

Aww thank you so much ell!! :) I dont think i deserve it tho :P