Sunday 6 June 2010

Now Then, My Dears...

I've been blogging for eight months now (EIGHT MONTHS! I feel so old...) and one thing that really bugs me is something that I'm going to tell you not to do, because I care about you, and I don't want you to be annoying other people. Like me. Not that you would of course, no way. You must be nice people, you read Musings. Oh God, I'm babbling again.

Don't follow someone's blog just to get followers.

What happens with me is, people start following Musings, and then I check out their blogs, and I say 'Oh, I like this!' So I start following them. But after a few posts, I realise I don't really like their voice after all, because it takes me a while to figure out if I like a blog or not, and I am EXTREMELY picky. So I then unfollow a blog, and then they unfollow me, for the mere reason that I'm not following them anymore. I know that you may think I'm being fickle, by changing my mind when I'm already following them, but they should be reading this blog because they like it, not just because they want to get more readers for their own blog. It's really annoying, and unfair. Gah! It's nice to know that I have some nice readers here. Plus three people who I know IN ACTUAL REAL LIFE. Yes, REAL life. The one that I eat in. So... thanks then. Oh, I should make that better.

Thank You Everyone, For Reading My Blog, And Commenting, And Tagging Me, And Giving Me Awards, And For Being Really, Really NICE! I Now Award You All With This Emoticon From Me:
So... thanks then.


Snaily.. said...

I made a promise to myself that I would never ever write the words "Great blog, check out mine"

Now doesn't count.
I hate that so much.

EleanorLight said...

Now what doesn`t count?

AnnaMcGarry said...

Now, as in when Snaily said "great blog, check out mine."

I agree that people following for followers is just annoying and rude.

XxLadyBugxX said...

okay, I will admit that I have said "good blog, check out mine", BUT I only ever follow blogs I actually like, and only ever comliment genuinely, so IF i have said this, I did mean "Great blog" and have left a link to my blog, but people are not obligated to follow! So anyone's blogs I follow, I actually really like them, I don't follow for the sake of it


EleanorLight said...

Snaily: Oh... I get it now!

XxLadyBugxX: It's OK, I know you don't do it. I'm just ranting about other people.