Tuesday 1 June 2010

Break A Leg, But Make Sure None Of These People Are Watching...

  • During a performance of the play El Hyder in which the hero has to fight seven villians single-handedly, a man in the audience leapt on to the stage and punched all seven villians to the ground.
  • An actress playing Juliet in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet uttered her line 'Where are my father and mother, nurse?' so convincingly, the actress' father called out 'We're here darling, in Row H.'
  • A soldier once got so cross that a character in a play had lied about not having a ring, he bounded onto the stage and made the character fetch the ring from it's hiding place.
  • An actress once gave such a genuine performance of a poor, friendless young woman that a man in the audience leapt up and offered to befriend her.
  • The fire effects used during a performance of a show called Norma were so realistic, a stagehand ran out of the auditorium screaming for help.
  • A rough and ready sailor watching the musical SS Pinafore was appalled to see how badly the scenery ship had been rigged, so he shouted out instructions to the actors for doing it properly.

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