Monday 7 June 2010

Music at Musings: Paramore, The Coronas, Stornoway, The Pretty Reckless, Franz Ferdinand, Kasabian, Biffy Clyro

Rightio. This is the second Music at Musings tonight. Let's get started.
Paramore - Careful
Because that's one of the band's best songs, in my opinion. Great video too. Watch out for all the sights!

The Coronas - San Diego Song

This might be quite old, I know, but it's new to me... Well, kind of. I had heard it before, I just never found out who was the artist. But now I know! Isn't Ireland awesome?

Stornoway - Here Comes The Blackout...!

This was iTunes' Single Of The Week, and since I like anything free, I downloaded and got a pleasant surprise. It's very short, but that makes it sweeter.

The Pretty Reckless - Make Me Wanna Die

When I first heard of this band, I wasn't expecting this song to be so... I'm not sure. Punchy? But I like it! It's not Lenka, but it rocks! I'll be keeping an eye on this...

Franz Ferdinand - Eleanor Put Your Boots On

This is also a new discovery! Of course I love the title (!) but it's catchy, and the video is breathtaking... Reminds me of Tim Burton.

Kasabian - Empire

Do I really have to say why I love this, or is it obvious? Fine. Fantastic, meaningful lyrics, great video, and I love any song I can headbang to. Is that clear? Good. (Sorry for being ratty. I haven't gotten a lot of sleep in a while.)

Biffy Clyro - Mountains

This is just so... powerful... you know? And the lyrics are fabulous. (Hmm... I don't think Hot Press will be knocking on my door anytime soon...)

I have to tell you all so many things... but I wanna go to sleep! Tomorrow! Oh, and I need to ask you: do you like the MUZU soundtrack up there, or do you prefer the Mixpod style?



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