Tuesday 22 June 2010

I'm Wasting Coins Trying To Come Up With A Witty Title For This Post, So Think Of One Yourselves.

After reading a quite frank and honest post by Leanne Woodfull about slagging off people in general, I was forced to reevaluate what I think about people. For example, I say that the starlets on Disney Channel have no talent, but they're thousands more successful at what they do then I am, even though I will reach that level someday. And I read a lot of stuff about Taylor Momsen, and how she's gone all emo and it doesn't look good on her, and I don't agree with that. I mean, who wants to spend their whole time caring about other people's lives, when they've got a whole life of their own to look after? And in KISS magazine, they slag off Tavi Gevinson's hair, just because she's dyed it grey and she's only thirteen and everything. She should be free to do what she likes. I think it looks cool, although if it were me, I would go for a lighter shade, perhaps white, in a pixie cut... My point is, I'm going to stop caring about what I think about people, and be more open-minded. And I'm going to stop going on Gossip Girl. I hate Speidi. Plus, I've got a whole life of my own to sort out. And with the way things are going, it's kind of urgent.

Oh, and I'm in Dublin Airport now. My flight to Faro has been delayed, and I'm running out of money at the Internet kiosk, as you will note from this post's title. Damn!




Ailish said...

Have fun on your holidays! :)

I saw that comment about Tavi Gevinson and I thought that was a bit.. hypocritical of them, aren't the all for a positive self-image and being yourself? Apparently not.

Lunar Eclipse said...

Interesting read

EleanorLight said...

Ailish: Thanks! Well, I supposed teenage magazines aren´t supposed to say stuff like that, but unfortunately, it´s a human thing...