Sunday 20 June 2010

Dum Dum Dum... Oh? What's This?

I am quite contented this minute. It's the sort of state book characters are in before their life changes unexpectedly. Perhaps their parents will die, or they will win the lottery, or they will move house, or a mysterious man will post them a mysterious letter... OK, it's the next minute now, and nothing's happened yet, so I'm going to get on with this post. The ice-cream deserving Snaily has given me an award! Hooray! (Ice-cream deserving... I have created a new term of praise. I am now a literary GOD!)

Aha! There are requirements I must fulfill! Onwards, keyboard!

*Display this award in some way on your blog.

'cough' 'Look up!' 'cough'

*Name seventeen of your favourite random things.
  1. Being right.
  2. Winning arguments.
  3. Making pancakes.
  4. Getting blog awards.
  5. Hammocks.
  6. My Sergeant Pepper/Kasabian's Empire video jacket.
  7. Horrible Histories.
  8. Tea (milk and two sugars please!).
  9. Being sarcastic.
  10. Discovering a new band, and loving it.
  11. Movie soundtracks.
  12. Eargasms! (A term invented - I think... - by a writer from PTS. Apparently they are 'ORGASMS in your EARS!' It's part of his music reviews.)
  13. Being right and winning arguments.
  14. Swimming in the sea.
  15. My iPod, with it's Paperchase cover.
  16. My blue and yellow Bershka headphones.
  17. Headbanging.

*Award four of your favourite random bloggers.

I think I'm sensing a pattern here, with this randomness thing... Anyway, these are four of my favourite random bloggers, so picked because they don't seem to fit into a genre all the time, such as fashion blogging or music blogging. Like mine!

.{Miss Vintage Vixen}.

Lauri Angel on the condition that she accepts that she IS good enough to accept my awards, because that's two now. And you are good enough. OK? And post something about your Irish Student Press article, (Yes, you are right people, that is a national newspaper!) because that was cool.

Annalee McGarry





Lauri Angel said...

Aw gee eleanor :P thank yu yet again :P lol

Ailish said...

Being right! I didn't think of that one. But I'm always right, so I forgive myself for forgetting that one.