Friday 28 May 2010

We Are The Winners Of Eurovision, WE ARE! WE ARE!

The Eurovision Song Contest Final is on tomorrow.

Ireland got in.

You may have noticed I'm not saying much. Usually you can't shut me up. I guess I'm still in shock.

This is how Niamh Kavanagh got in to the final for us.

I know because of the block voting, you'll probably do this anyway, but United Kingdom, would you mind voting for us please? We'll vote for you. :) And, anyone else from Europe, it would be very nice if you would vote for us too. Please?


Ace-Of-Aoife. said...

I think we're awesome at the whole Eurovision thingie ^^ And I think Niamh looks like a proper irish person as well.


EleanorLight said...

With the red hair? And the tin whistle? And the Eurovision-winning voice? Yep, definitely Irish.

Snaily.. said...

I was thinking the whole time "They're joking.." they're gonna be like, "yeah btw, these are the ten that didn't get in. Hate to be you." My mam was having a freaker, and I was sitting there, this can't be happening. Germany's one was so cute! <3

MessyCarla said...

She's not as good as that singing parrot Ireland had a few years ago! ;DD

As my friend Daniel said the other day "If we didn't win with Scooch, we're not going to win with anybody!"


EleanorLight said...

@Snaily I screamed for around ten minutes!

@MessyCarla: Yeah, Dustin the Turkey is a national icon here, for around twenty years or so!