Thursday 27 May 2010

Music at Musings - Lenka

Remember my post about the Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging soundtrack? And the link I put up for The Show by Lenka? Well, encouraged by that song, I listened to Lenka's self-titled debut album, and this is about that, I suppose.

The breathy voice of Lenka Krilpac is angelic with attitude, I can't sum it up any other way. The Show is a toe-tapping tune which actually summed up my life the week of A Vampire Story (remember that? I was quite confused then), and then there's Trouble Is A Friend, Don't Bring Me Down, Skipalong, Anything I'm Not, Knock Knock, We Will Not Grow Up... at this rate I'm going to name every song on the album now. They're all so good! Gah!

P.S. My Geography teacher has brought our class into the computer room at school for our last Geography class of the year! I never thought I would ever blog at school, but it has happened. I can't actually see my blog though - it's classified as a personal website. Which it is, I suppose.

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