Sunday 11 April 2010

Quote Of The Week #7

When life gives you lemons... SHUT UP AND EAT YOUR GODDAMN LEMONS!!!!

That's my friend Johnny. I just love that quote so much!

As you might guess from my recent posts, I've got the play on the brain... three days until the opening night!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with play! It sounds awesome! The quote reminds me of something my friend Luca said once: When life gives you lemons, throw the at the Jonas Brothers :)

Anonymous said...


EleanorLight said...

Thanks! You're right, the play is awesome! And Luca's right about the Jonas Brothers!

Ariella said...

I've heard the lemon quote as, "If life gives you lemons throw them back and scream, 'I want KIWIS!'"

And I gave you an award.