Sunday 18 April 2010

Inspiro-Girls - Britney Spears

I'm hoping you all know Britney Spears. (If you don't, please crawl back under your rock and eat your stash of beetles.) I'm not a big fan really, I think she's too promiscuous for my liking. But recently she did a photoshoot with Candie's, a fashion line in America for pre-teen and teenage girls, and she agreed to release the before photos along with the photoshopped photos for comparison to highlight the pressure to look perfect in the industry.

I got the photos from MessyCarla:

Quite a difference, isn't there? Look, her hair is shinier and blonder, her arms are thinner, her body is tanned, her breasts are bigger and her tummy and hips are smaller, and her legs... well, they're completely unnatural! Look at them!

Another photo... Here, her tummy and back have been sucked in, her bum is smaller, her legs are smooth, her breasts have been lifted, cellulite zapped, and if you look closely at her lower back, her tattoo has mysteriously disappeared...

And now I think Britney's not that bad really. And for doing that heroic act, she is now one of my Inspiro-Girls!

I've just checked, and this makes my 100th post! Huzzah! Thanks for sticking with me everyone!



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Jennifer said...

Love Britney, these pictures are a slight shocker but ive seen worse lol