Sunday 27 December 2009

Web Wonders: BookArmy

Hello! I want to tell you about a great website for any readers out there! This is...BookArmy!

What is it?
BookArmy is a website dedicated solely to books! You can let people know what you’ve read recently, what you loved and what you hated, plus you can get in contact with your favourite author-types! How awesome is that?!

How does it work?
Basically, you enter the name of a book you love, and BookArmy will search thousands of recommendations to suggest what book you might like to read next. The most awesome thing about it, is that with every review written and every recommendation made, BookArmy becomes more intelligent - Cool, huh?!

Right now, BookArmy are running a kick-ass competition - they’re giving away a stack of of books to their most helpful and enthusiastic members, so if you love books and want to shout about your favourites, what are you waiting for?! Get writing girls!

Take a look at my personal page! My username is Trishelle. (They wouldn't let me change it after I transformed into my alter-ego EleanorLight.)

WOOHOO! Let’s get this discussion started!

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