Thursday 3 December 2009

Oh My Stars!!

I have to tell you about this!!!


I am a HUGE fan of Lola Love, so this is a dream come true! My ultimate goal is to have hair like her's someday. And you see what it says on the front? 'I am so blogging this!' This was made for me!

AND you get a free Lola Love book with it too! Golly Gosh!


Anonymous said...

well i'm here because i saw your comment on Alyssa's blog and i read that you lived a few minutes away. that's awesome *me pouting* love the layout even though it's a little girly for my taste. love the shirt ^-^

Creativemess1995 said...

omigod elenor, you live by that castle? That is amazing! I would love to see it one day. I would love to see some more pictures of it too. So beautiful! It must be equally gorgeous out there. No castles in south carolina, USA

Abigail said...

Hey there! I've hopped over here from Alyssa's blog as well; that is so cool that you live in Ireland! I'd love to live there, but visiting would be great too. :) So many beautiful sites I'm sure.