Wednesday 1 February 2012

Dear L.N.R...

A few days after this blog was created. A post about this event here - 

At Musings' first birthday, November 2010. Forgot to get any cake.

In which I get the knack of smiling in photos. March 2011.

Insert photo of present self here.

Dear L.N.R...

This is the moniker you like to go by, isn't it? L.N.R. - Eleanor! If I've done this right, you should be reading this just as you're starting your blog, Musings of an Undiscovered Genius in November 2009. It's your birthday soon, isn't it? You're going to be fourteen. Wow.

You're probably wondering who I am, right? I'm Eleanor Roscuro. Sixteen. February 2012. I know, that seems so far away, but it came, and we're here. And I'll be eighteen next year and everything! I know! Amazing! But anyway. 

Listen. Between where you are and where I am now, things are going to change. Huge changes for us, and for the country. I can't say too much, but here's just some tips.
  • Twitter's fun, isn't it? You know that American girl who's followed you for some reason, The Vintage Vixen? She has a blog too. Read it.
  • When was the last time you re-read Harry Potter? When you're done, go onto that website Tumblr and search it. Also: Have a little think about Slytherins. Just because there was a really bad batch of them during Harry's years doesn't mean they're all... evil.
  • Start going to more plays. Even if it looks really serious and boring. That usually means it will grip on your heart in a way you never imagined, and there's nearly always some funny bits. 
  • There's this young theatre company in Kilkenny, Devious or something. When mum asks you if you want to see the play with the poster in green, pink and orange, go. For fun. Also: Just because they're so big and older than you and everything doesn't mean they're scary. Only at first.
  • There's absolutely no need to be some kind of martyr. I know you want to seem professional and everything, but not being a martyr will make you more professional. Funny how that works.
  • If you are unsure about telling mam (or dad) something, it is probably best not to tell them. Imagine it was your daughter.
  • No one's out to get you, not anymore. If you are extremely patient, they will flock to you, but for now, be the kind of person that has loads of friends already.
  • They're not bitches, they're dizzies. It's nicer.
  • Keep writing. On Musings, in your diary, poems and stories, everything. Keep it all for when you're my age and even older.
  • You may have heard of a man named Michael D. Higgins. He's a TD, a really arty one. He's got a few books out too, read them. Remember him.
  • When people laugh at you for boycotting Penneys, don't mind them. Research sweatshops and child labour more.
  • Don't seek out romantic entanglements. Let all that stuff come to you.
  • I know you're secretly in love with that other youth theatre, but they don't mean to upstage you. You'll  get to know them in the end, and you won't even have to leave KYT to do it.
  • I know you love Paramore, but don't let them be your favourite band. Explore. There's a whole world out there (on the internet) you still have to discover.
  • There's nothing wrong with how you look. Keep experimenting with your hair colour and cut, and you're going to lose that weight. How, I have no idea, but it happens.
  • You're going to love blogging. You're going to love theatre, not just acting. You're going to love Kilkenny even more than you do already. You are worthy of all the good things that have happened and are going to happen to you. 
  • Be your own best friend. I know it sounds silly, but you have to enjoy yourself. I'll say it again, it's that important: BE YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND. That's the secret.
I know I'm only sixteen, and I still have loads left to learn, but I feel much happier than I have since primary school. Things are going to be brillliant. 

The most love in the world,

Eleanor Roscuro


jessica sandoval said...

All of the tears were shed.
This was so lovely!
And I love the "Be Your Own Best Friend"--I need to learn this.

Miss you, Eleanor!

Minnie said...

A sweet, creative post, Eleanor. "Be your own best friend" is my favorite part of it too. =)

Lauren M.F-E said...

This is marvelous; I haven't written a letter to myself in quite some time (in fact, the last letter to my future self was likely directed at a Lauren that is not so very much older than I am now- yikes!), but very much enjoy the practice.

Also, I think we are somewhat of hair twins, though I cannot grow proper bangs to save my life.

On an entirely different note, thanks for following me on 8tracks!

~Lauren M.F-E