Monday 2 January 2012

Read-O-Rama - Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer

I have a little unwritten rule. (We all have our little rules, don't we?) One of my rules is:

You always read the book before you watch the movie. Always!

Do any of you have that rule? It gets a little inconvenient at times though. I have Strumpet City, City of Ember and Breakfast at Tiffany's on DVD staring at me from the corner, but I haven't watched them because I haven't read them! Granted, it wouldn't really take that long to read them, but there's ALL THE OTHER BOOIKS. I HAVE TO READ THOSE TOO YOU KNOW. ALL THE BOOKS.

Or maybe I'm just a little too strict with myself.


I saw the trailer for Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, this is it -

And it looks so good! And if this was going to come out in Spring, and if I was planning on going to see it, I had to read the book then didn't I?

Well, yeah. It's a rule. An Apostrophe rule! AHAHAHAHAHA

It's about a nine year old boy called Oskar who lives in New York City. After the death of his father in the 9/11 attacks, he finds a key in a vase in his father's cupboard, and sets off on a quest to find the lock that fits the key. The book also tells the story of Oskar's paternal grandparents through letters which they each wrote to Oskar and to Oskar's father.

The book feels nice to read. I'm not just saying that. Even if you read just a few sentences, you're immediately drawn into this world of inventions and heavy boots and Nothing and Something and daybooks and letters. I think everyone wishes they knew Oskar in real life, I know I do. You can learn so much from him, even if he doesn't share interesting facts with you. (Unlikely.)

So go read the book, and then come back here and we can hope that they do Oskar's grandparents right in the film, because I swear if they mess this up I'll be really annoyed and I won't buy the DVD and then where will they be?

Eleanor Roscuro

P.S. This review of the book is much better than mine, so you can read that too if you wish -


Aoife. said...
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Minnie said...

Haha! I like your new "Leave your comment" message. I do look pretty good reading Apostrophe, haw? =) Anyway, the book and movie look interesting. They're not my kind of entertainment, so I never paid attention to them before, but I may look into them now. I'll probably watch the movie first though (because it takes so much longer to read a book and I don't have much time), and if it shows any promise, I could read the book during break.

Eleanor Roscuro said...

Minnie: Thank you very much! Thought a new greeting for the New Year would be nice. Glad you like it, and yes, you do look that good. Anyway, I definitely recommend reading the book, it's worth it.

Eleanor Roscuro