Sunday 15 January 2012

Notes To Self

  • When the width of your hair finally reaches the width of your shoulders, it is time for a haircut.
  • When you have read THE PERFECT PLAY OMG for the second time in two weeks, it might be time have a good long think over how it'd fit in the Barn before it's perfect.  
  • When your parents ask you what your 'back-up plan' is for the future, don't stare at them blankly. Don't say 'Do you think I need one?' either.
  • When you watch Stella and the sixteen year old daughter turns out to be pregnant, don't be too smug that the internet is the only place where you are cool.
  • When that webcom that you like Vultures comes back, think VERY CAREFULLY before you decide whether to write a bad poem or not.
  • When you're in a play that has a fandom, don't read the fanfiction. But read the books!
  • Your horoscope, while a little vague, has turned out to be right for the past few months. Heed it.
  • When people at school think a male friend in your locker is something more, don't say yes or no. They may not believe either answer.
  • When you tell someone you'll email them, don't leave it four weeks. They don't like that.
  • No one is out to get you. They don't really want to, and people aren't really that bad.
  • When you find an interesting quote, keep track of it. Put them in one of those little notebooks you've got lying around.
  • You have a lot of dresses. Wear them to the cinema. They deserve to be seen.
  • When you've made a resolution to write a blog post every week, don't suddenly remember on Sunday evening. It's stressful, even if it forces you to be extra creative.
  • A new week is starting! YOU EXCITED OR WHAT
Eleanor Roscuro

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