Wednesday 25 January 2012

Keeping the Apostrophe

So will this blog last if SOPA gets through?


Tomorrow at midday, Ireland and the UK will be signing a bill called ACTA in Tokyo. It's basically like SOPA, but even worse. Like everyone else on the internet, especially those my age, I'm freaking out. I usually download all my music from iTunes (yes, with money and everything) but, regarding here, I'm not really sure what is copyright and what isn't. What if I've accidentally done something on Apostrophe and I didn't know? And then all of a sudden, it's gone? The whole blog?

That would be really annoying.

I've signed all the petitions! At the bottom of this blog, it says 'Copyright 2009 - 2012 Eleanor Roscuro (unless otherwise stated). All rights reserved.' Maybe that's illegal! I have no idea! OK, so maybe as a person on the internet, I should be more savvy about these things, but it was always so hard to believe I was doing anything wrong. I'm so small. And I've been running this blog for more than two years.

I don't know. And this will affect the rest of the European Union too, it's their bill.


Eleanor Roscuro



Daydream Believer said...

Let's not freak out unless it happens. And if it does happen, I will be freaking out with you.

Minnie said...

Whoah! That is scary. I never bothered my astounding mind about SOPA because I knew it would never pass. The internet is far too vast and powerful. But a similar bill passed in your country? That's insane. :P Sorry. I sincerely hope to God it doesn't affect your blog.