Tuesday 6 September 2011

My Battle For Supremacy With The Wind

As I was walking into school this morning, I noticed that some of the Kilkenny bunting that had been hung up had fallen on the ground. As I was just about to step over it and continue on my merry way, the wind suddenly raised the bunting about seven feet into the air above me. Of course the obvious choice was to wait for the wind to drop the bunting at my feet, and so I waited, staring up at it.

A gaggle (Gaggle? Honestly Eleanor, they're not geese) of 5th Years stepped under the bunting  and called to me 'Are ya coming through or what?!' I smiled at them politely, for that is what you do, and I could hear them laughing and cackling at me as they entered the doors of the school, but I kept my eyes on the bunting until finally, the wind dropped it at my feet and I was able to step over it and enter the school.

I immediately told my friend who, being far more level-headed and sensible than me (God knows someone has to be) was not as impressed or awestruck as I had expected her to be when I recounted my battle of supremacy with the wind, just as I have told you now. Then I thought 'Hey! Eleanor! You know who I could tell this amazing story to?'

'Those awesome people who read Apostrophe, of course!'

And then I went and wrote this. See? This is how Apostrophe is supposed to be - something happening to me, and me telling you about it, instead of me feeling guilty and floundering. Ahhh. This is nice.

Next time, I shall tell you how it feels to walk on water. (Wet. It feels really wet. And cold.)

Eleanor Roscuro


Daydream Believer said...

Can't wait to hear your take on walking on water. ;-)

Minnie said...

What's a bunting? Is this some Irish superstition? Well, I applaud you for sticking to your harmless eccentricity. The wind could never prevail over such powers.