Sunday 4 September 2011

Fred The Friend

Hey guys, do you ever think what might happen if there were special robots, that looked exactly like teenage humans apart from all the computery stuff inside, that were designed to help people form relationships? A survey from a while ago showed an increase in depression in Irish teenagers, and what if these robots could be sent out so these teenagers can learn how to connect with people, to make friends, rebuild confidence and self-esteem? Although while you were making friends with the robot, it would feel sort of fake, because you'd know that the robot is supposed to like you, that's the mission, the name of the game. And what would happen once the person has learned all it can from the robot? Let's call the robot... Fred, for now. As time goes on, Fred and the person they've been assigned to would get to know each other a lot, and then Fred would have to start again with a completely different person. I suppose he would have to be reset. But that wouldn't be very nice for the reformed young person, would it?. Their new best friend has been spirited away in a blink of an eye, someone you had become attached to, confided in, and then some guy in a lab coat pressed a button and it's all gone, ready for someone else. Ready for someone else to exploit? No, I don't think it would be exploitation, because Fred is only doing his job, what he was made for. (He? Hmm...) But still, that still means Fred keeps being reset and passed around to all sorts of people, until he crashes, and they make Fred 2.0.

So I now conclude: Fred is a whore. No, that's mean. It's not his fault.

You should all read Girl Parts by John M. Cusack, that's what got me thinking about Fred - here's the book's trailer:

Apparently they make trailers for books now! Well, LA DI DA! Next thing you know, you'll be able to download entire books from the internet... Oh.

Seriously though, he makes some very good points about the way we interact with each other nowadays. You won't forget Girl Parts in a hurry. Also, Rose is a darling, although one of my favourite characters is the renegade... No, I can't give it away!

Eleanor Roscuro


Aoife. said...

Uhm, just a comment to say I'm really glad that you're back posting, and I read your last post about not really wanting to post over the summer and really related to it. You've inspired me to maybe blog again(?) Anyways, this book looks awesome and I'm glad you're back.


miss vintage vixen. said...

That is depressing! That'd be so depressing. Makes you think, what if you had lived an entirely different life before, same you, and then you were reset, AKA, born. Again. And you never remembered.

What if I was freaking Marie Antoinette? ;_____;

Emma :) said... know, I think this is the most random and unexpected post I've ever read :)

Minnie said...

"Girl Parts"???? It sounds so dirty...I hope it's not dirty, because the trailer made it sound interesting. I've never felt I've known a real person as well as I've known characters from books, movies, etc. And I've often wondered about the idea of a robotic "best bud." On one hand, it'd great. On the other, it wouldn't be real. They've had songs about robot girlfriends, and NOVA Science Now did an episode on robots. Very thought-provoking.

And, yeah. Book trailers. I've seen some pretty cool ones. What'll they think of next?