Wednesday 6 July 2011

Quote of The Week #62

I have no desire to be a goth, but I do kind of envy the clothes they wear. It must be really fun to wake up in the morning when you're a goth. Like, 'I wonder will my black lace parasol go with my gothic Lolita skirt and Edwardian-style blouse? Yes it will, because luckily they are both also black. Being me is awesome.'

Prim Improper - Deirdre Sullivan 


That Blond Guy said...

I'm going to go read that book now. It sounds like it will go nicely with a cup of coffee and some scones.

Minnie said...

Hi, Eleanor. =) I'm giving you a blog award. See my blog for details. Heehee! I also like this quote. Why aren't you posting more? are still alive, right? I'm not pressuring you to post more quotes or anything, just making sure.

XxLadyBugxX said...

Elenor are you okay? I miss your posts hugely and hope your back soon!:)