Thursday 23 June 2011

It's The Apostrophe Summer 2011 Giveaway!

Hello everyone!

I've finished my exams, and the summer's here! What does this mean? It means I'm doing a blog giveaway!


This is not a normal blog giveaway. Really, it isn't.

There are two sets of prizes to be won:

The Blossom Parcel is dainty and feminine, and very summery... It's just really really cute.
  • Ring-bound notebook from Monsoon Accessorize (matches pen).
  • Ball-point pen from Monsoon Accessorize (matches notebook)
  • Set of five badges from Monsoon Accessorize
  • Lilac Waldo Pancake bookmark from SWALK - text: 'Bookmark (as in actual bookmark, not one on the internet)'
  • 'Warning: When I Am An Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple' by Jenny Joseph from Dubrays Books
  • Fabric bunting from Bridie's

The Rainbow Parcel features lots of bright, vivid colours - isn't colour blocking a trend this summer? - and is inspired by the rainbow, which hopefully we'll see a lot of this summer!

  • Orange Waldo Pancake notebook from SWALK - text:'Writing things down is the new thinking them'
  • Purple Waldo Pancake ball-point pen from SWALK - text: 'Tap on stuff annoyingly'
  • Rainbow bangle from Oxfam
  • Red Waldo Pancake bookmark from SWALK - text: 'I know how it ends.'
  • Rainbow beaded necklace from Oxfam
  • Hanging charm from Butterslip

Each parcel will also contain a lovely letter from me! (Not pictured - I haven't written them yet.)

'But Eleanor,' I hear you ask, 'How do we get the chance to win such fabulous parcels?'

Well, this is not a traditional blog giveaway. Tweeting or blogging about this does not equal an entry - although if you do want to tweet or blog about it, feel free to do so. Since this giveaway is celebrating the end of exams... You're getting a QUIZ! Aren't I the best?!

Question One: Where is the Sea of Tranquility?
Question Two: What is the only word in the English language ending with the letters 'mt'?
Question Three: Which company is the biggest toy distributor in the world?
Question Four: In the Hans Christian Andersen story, which female character was found inside the petals of a flower?
Question Five: After the King/Queen, which comes first: Earl or Duke?
Question Six: Name the month I (me, Eleanor Roscuro) was born.

If you want to enter:
  • This giveaway is open to all followers of this blog, because I love you all, and it's all because of you guys that I love doing whatever it is I do here at Apostrophe! Also, you'd have to be following to read this post.
  • To be eligible for an entry, you must be following this blog. (Just in case.)
  • You must email your answers to me at, or drop them in a comment on this very blog. If you do leave a comment, please leave your email address or another form of contact like a Twitter username, in case you win.
  • The people who get all the answers right will be entered into the draw. One person cannot win both parcels. The winners will be randomly selected from an extremely cool hat, by an impartial and neutral outsider (i.e. not me).
  • 'But Eleanor, this quiz is hard!' Google it. You can find the answer to Question Six on this very blog. 
  • 'But Eleanor, why are you doing a quiz?' I could have just gotten you to tweet or blog about the giveaway, but I never liked that. I know you're all smart, or have the ability to use the internet, and I respect that. That's why.
  • The giveaway closes on WEDNESDAY 29TH JUNE 2011 at 12 noon GMT. That's next Wednesday. 
  • It is open internationally.
I do hope you all enter, and best of luck to you all!

Eleanor Roscuro


Emma :) said...

Aww, giveaways! I love giveaways! To the email! (Because nobody is going to read my answers and cheat *shifty eyes*)

Congratz on finishing all your exams and LONG LIVE THE SUMMER <3

Minnie said...

The prizes look great. I wish I had the willpower to enter, but my fingers have been trained to type all but my address. See............mmmmm...........U......S.....A....That's as much as they know to type. =) The quiz idea is fun, though. Good luck with it! Not with the quiz, because you know the answers, I assume, but you know...