Sunday 12 June 2011


Evening everybody!

So a few hours ago I started going through the entire The Vintage Vixen archive so I could write her a cool email, and let me tell you - the chirp. God, the chirp is infectious. I mean, it isn't there all the time, but when you start reading a post and it starts with something like 'Hey cupcakes!', your life is automatically better. Everyone should follow The Vintage Vixen. If you ever fall ill, and you go to the doctor, he or she will just tell you 'Ah, you need the Chirp...' and on your prescription, in his or her doctor's scrawl, they'll just write The Vintage Vixen... only it'll look like faaThed;agh;aj;alk/vintaagh;agjgeVixkgjklden. Well, the cool doctor will.

So I'm one week into my exams! I finish on Friday, so this will all be over soon! When that happens, I might arrange something special for you all. Maybe. 

I love my hair at the moment. It's not short, it's not long, it just fans around my face. Also, it's very bouncy, especially when I jump high! Like this! *jumps very high on the spot for thirty seconds grinning maniacally*

Is this a post about anything? Who cares! I'm happy! Yes!!!

Honestly, I'm so chirpy at the moment. I shouldn't really be, since first thing tomorrow I have Maths Paper Two, but then I have CSPE. So that's fine so.

You know what I'd really love now? A pizza. Yeah. Pizza...

I have been listening to this song non-stop since last Tuesday...

Oh my God Richard III is the sweetest thing ever he's so smiley don't you just want to take him home and hug him forever?! Also, Jim Howick is brilliant.


miss vintage vixen. said...

;___; I'm crying this is the nicest thing I've ever read hasdgjkhadsjkgsda and you're the nicest friend I've ever met and ugh I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ♥

Eleanor Roscuro said...

Oh, don't cry! Not on my account!

I am just hugging my knee in wonder and delight, but I'll stop now because it isn't comfortable.

There we are.

I love you too! <3 and one day we will meet and it'll be like something out of a film and we'll have the best day ever. And it'll be great. Because we're great.

Eleanor Roscuro