Sunday 8 May 2011

The Wisdom and Philosophies of a Modern Young Lady


Post-show blues are like when you're in a playground going on the slide. Actually sliding down the slide is amazing, but then all too soon your heels hit the ground and there's a general feeling of 'Is that it?' So you try to climb up again, but you're bigger and taller now (but not from eating vegetables) and you have to squeeze through some small spaces and climb up things that are not meant for you to climb. Then you're sitting at the top of the slide and you're looking down, and it seems awful long and you think it'll last forever, but you know from experience that it won't last that long, not even a few seconds. But you let go anyway.

Then later, when you're at home again, you suddenly think 'Why did I waste all that time on the slide when I could have gone on the swings? There was no one else on the swings. I could have spent ages on the swings.' But then you give yourself a little slap on the wrist (not too hard) and say 'Yeah, I could have gone on the swings. But why would I do that when I could go on the slide?'


One of the best things in life is opening a bar of Dairy Milk chocolate. As you peel off back the glued edge of the purple wrapper, and lift it off to reveal the golden bar. Rubbing the pad of your finger on each individual square, and the Cadbury's loopy signature appears gradually beneath your nails. Then you turn the bar over, and peel back the gold wrapper, which reminds you of Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket, slowly, very, very slowly, until the back of the bar is in front of you. You smell it, and when the scent reaches your brain it makes you want to just get the whole damn thing over with and eat the entire bar in one go, but you stop yourself. You have to do this properly. You are a modern young lady eating a bar of chocolate, not a baboon. So you break off two squares, and put one in your mouth very slowly. God, it's amazing, how it fills your mouth and melts so quickly. In fact, it's down your throat pretty soon, so you eat the second square. But that goes just as quickly, and you're starting to feel really thirsty as your chocolate flavoured saliva starts to harden on your tongue and at the back of your mouth. You keep eating the four remaining squares, but now the smell is gone and it doesn't taste... not that it doesn't taste good, or that it tastes bad, but it doesn't taste of anything.    The purple and gold wrapper promised something more, but it didn't deliver. Of course, you don't learn your lesson. Because you forget, so very easily when you're in the shop and the purple regal wrapper winks at you from the shelf.


All of a sudden, I've become really, really optimistic.

Last week Shifting ended, and of course I was devastated, and unwell (my post show poorliness actually started during the final show, just to get it over with), but somehow... At a rehearsal, myself and other cast and crew members were talking about how old we were when certain things happened affected them (eg. 'Being nineteen was shit') and it made me think about me now, being fifteen. And I have to say, for me anyway, being fifteen is brilliant. Only a month or so after my fifteenth birthday in the middle of last November, I'm technically part of the In The Future When All's Well residency, and since the residency lasts from January to the end of June, that's seven months of awesome, which is more than half the year. Then in the middle of June I do my Junior Cert which ends on the 17th of June, so that's two and a half months of summer, which will feature the Red Square Kibosh again and Kilkenny Arts Festival 2011, sun and plenty of blogging, then in September I start Transition Year (more on that later, sweets...) and at the end of October I go for work experience somewhere nice hopefully! And then I turn sixteen. So yeah. Being fifteen is class. Everyone should be fifteen. We could all be fifteen together, and it'd be great.


My Junior Cert exams are in fourteen school days, and yes, I'm feeling nervous. Not that I haven't been working, just normal nerves. I am so, so sorry I haven't been blogging as much these past few months. I wish I didn't have to say 'I've just been so, so busy...' again and again and again, but I have! Just a few more weeks, and then I'll be all yours again.


I'm making a film. I'll tell you more about it another time. (Not to put you in suspense - well, partly that - but when I have more to tell you, I'll tell you more.)

End of post!

Eleanor Roscuro


Minnie Miracle said...

Hmm. Those are exceptional descriptions of chocolate-eating and slide-sliding. I haven't been posting at all lately. But I will again soon. One more week, just one...

Ruth Feelin' said...

I never thought someone could capture so well the experience of eating a dairy milk bar. Well done smiley.