Saturday 16 April 2011

This Week I...


  • Did my Home Economics practical for my Junior Cert. Made Fruits of the Forest Crumble and Chilli, Spinach and Carrot Soup.
  • Moved into the final week of Shifting rehearsals before Production Week.
  • Won a table quiz. Using my intellect. Got an Easter egg.
  • Got a cold, or flu, or something. Still have it. Hope not to have it by Sunday.
  • Was away from the internet for five days SHOCK HORROR DISASTER
  • Still haven't started my Script Frenzy. Fifteen days to go.
  • Was complimented on my Apostrophe by a cast member of Shifting, who has started her own awesome blog. Her name's Ruth, the blog's A Healthy Kind of Vanity. Minions, you know what to do. (Like, read it. And follow. You know?)
  • Was frustrated by the approach to History in the Junior Cycle in Ireland. The paper is flawed, the Chief Examiner has admitted that. It needs to be easy enough for students that find history more difficult and for the growing number of students in Irish secondary schools for whom English is not their first language, but hard enough so that only 8% of candidates will get an A. Teachers are encouraged to make lessons more 'fun' by getting their students to teach history to their classmates or playing games, but these won't help. They won't help in the exam. If your goal is to make only some students learn something, then cop the fuck on, because the Department is messing around with people's futures here. Including mine. (And I will be getting an A in Honours History.)
  • Was tired. Living on pure adrenaline, which is fun.
  • Got The Fear. Fear for Shifting, for my HE practical. The week before a show, I take The Fear out on my bottom lip, and it keeps bleeding now. I know you all wanted to know that. Lovely.
  • Tried to draw some sort of Apostrophe header but got sad when I remembered yet again that I can't draw.
  • Am HAPPY! And excited, and worried, and frustrated, but happy.
Eleanor Roscuro


miss vintage vixen. said...

Yay for productivity!
About your header, do you have Photoshop?

Emma :) said...

Well, I wish you the best of luck with that one :P I don't do Script Frenzy generally but pfffff that's leaving it late! Sounds like your life is epicmegabusy atm though...which as everyone knows is the best way to be!

Ruth Feelin' said...

Hey! thanks for the mention! I'll have a post up containing a load of photos from shifting soon so please come see and steal!