Sunday 6 February 2011


Yeah... I'm hungry.


You may not have realised this yet, but I don't spend all my time on the internet with you. This is what I've been doing with myself this past while. Don't worry, it's all terribly interesting.

1. Being Nostalgic And Kicking Myself: A few weeks ago, I re-read the Roald Dahl books, all of them. I used to read them all the time when I was younger - Matilda, The Witches, Fantastic Mr Fox... But as I was re-reading them recently, I started to notice... things. Things like all the alliteration Dahl used. All the time, with every single character in every single book, everyone is crying 'Great galumphing galizzers!' and it gets very repetitive. And the heroes and heroines, the children, THEY'RE ALL THE SAME. Seriously, there's nothing to distinguish them from each other, which is annoying. And I was reading and noticing these things, and other things too, but I didn't want to notice them. I am older now, and I ruined the Roald Dahl books for me, and it's all my fault. And after realising this I went off and sulked, like the baby I am.

2. Addiction #56: So Tom Milsom joined Tumblr. Yes, you read me correctly. Tom Milsom is now on Tumblr. Amazing, isn't it? Go and join him on his odyssey! (Yes. I did just make a terrible pun, or whatever that was. You're welcome.)

3. Becoming Trendy - Part #375: So a few days ago I came across a new post by Miss Vintage Vixen who I secretly but not very secretly adore, and it was a post about this band. This wonderful band. Sleigh Bells - Infinity Guitars. It's just...

You know? And the song is relatively simple, almost the same thing over and over again, but when that thing is so good, it doesn't really matter.

4. J'adore l'animation! This film probably won't be screening in my local omniplex, but it will stand the test of time better than whatever CGI 2011 is going to give us. It's called Le Vie un Chat. It's so pretty, and it's a shame that people here aren't buzzing about it. But still. Plus, I want to know more about the life of the cat.

5. Embracing the Force: So yesterday I was drinking some tea and I was shown this ad. There's not really much I can say that hasn't already been said (but still, that could be applied to almost everything, couldn't it? Why am I saying it?) Anyway, this is one of the best examples of child acting I've ever seen. Whatever he does again, his face should not be shown. It just makes it that much better.

Also - what's the Superbowl?

Eleanor Roscuro


Jude Rosenberg said...

The animation for "Une Vie de Chat" looks like a sketchier, more detailed Madeline. It looks super cool! Is it an independent film?

What would be kind of cool is if Volkswagen commercial was Harry Potter. Or the next kid had a wand at least. That would be kind of cool :D

The Superbowl is American Football, but it's towards the end of the season, so it's a big deal for football fans. I think they get a trophy for it or something like that. They play really funny commercials in between segments! Honestly, the commercials are better than the actual game.

Have a good rest of the weekend!


Ariella said...

Good thing my best friend didn't read you not knowing what the Super Bowl is. She'd kill you. (Shh, she's a bit obsessed.)
But, seriously, I have to agree with the above comment. The commercials are COMPLETELY better than the actual game. I don't care one bit about football.
Actually, I do kind of care now... My state's team made it. And after we want to do a photo shoot, I know I will get infinitely better pictures if they win rather than lose.

miss vintage vixen. said...

I am so glad that you liked Sleigh Bells! <3 Yay!