Friday 28 January 2011

WTF - Fads and Trends

So Bronagh over at Unearthing Runway wrote a post a while back on the idea of trends in fashion, using the example of those little bandana thingies Cher Lloyd wears that I see everyone wearing now. You know, like this:

The head on her! But anyway.

In the post, Bronagh says... 'So many people stick up their noses at trends, and that's understandable, not wanting to look the same and everything. But isn't it kind of silly to not wear something you like just because someone else is wearing it, When the item is as small as a hairband I think it is. Besides, not allowing yourself to wear something because it is "In" defeats the whole individuality idea behind the rule.' Obviously, I can't answer for everyone in the world who does this, but I can answer on behalf of myself! And here is my defence:

Cher Lloyd's little raggy things is the Must Have Trend (or was. I'm not entirely sure...) But you don't really need to buy this, for €5 or whatever they're selling it for. You really don't. Because you already have something like this in your house. You may need to root around a bit, but it's there. And, when you find it, you can wear it anytime you like. For a while there (and possibly in the future) Cher Lloyd was on everyone's lips, and influenced fashion in the British Isles for a little while. But why should I wear the little bandana thing JUST BECAUSE Cher is wearing it for a week or two? She's wearing it. Doesn't mean I have to. Besides, I just cut my hair again, and I look like a Beatle. It's not really that versatile, but hey, it worked on Paul. But I digress.

Teenagers are quite contrary in the fact that they want to stand out from the crowd, but still look like everyone else. You can wear this bandana any time you like. You can wear anything at anytime you like (well, within reason of course). Besides, it's a terrible rip-off.

You know what? You should all read Unearthing Runway. Bronagh knows what she's talking about when she comes to fashion, which is more than I can say for me. And she's just so enthusiastic, which is lovely in these times of dull, sarcastic bloggers.

Let's read Unearthing Runway,
Let's read Unearthing Runway,
Let's read Unearthing Runwaaaaaaaaaay...
But Apostrophe rules!

Never forget that, my children.

Eleanor Roscuro


miss vintage vixen. said...

"Now I look like a Beatle."

I actually lol'd.

And I agree with this post!

Brónagh said...

lol! love you Eleanor! x x x

Emma :) said...

I like this.
A lot.
That is all :)

JeanneS said...

ahahahahahahahaha it is SO FUNNY, Ive been reading fashion blogs and style blogs and "be unique" blogs for 3 years and it is the FIRST time that a blogger actually says THE OBVIOUS!

i am so glad people with actual brain in their head and are part of this blogging world ouf