Wednesday 1 December 2010

Alternative Blogging Week - The Gossip Blog

Morning all! Snow is falling thick and fast here! All schools in my area are closed, and today is Wednesday. Today, Musings becomes a Gossip blog!

1 - Mean Girls 2 is so not fetch.

Being creatures of the internet like myself, you've probably already heard about Mean Girls 2. If you haven't, here's the trailer:

WTF? They're not putting it in the cinemas, which really says enough. I mean, Mean Girls was a hit when it came out. If they waited this long to make a sequel...

2 - Turn Off The Dark might suffer from vertigo.

Bono and The Edge from U2 have written a musical, a la American Idiot. It's called Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark and it's first preview performance opened on Broadway last Sunday and sold over $1 million worth of tickets within 24 hours. It has the most expensive Broadway set ever made, costing $65 million dollars (strangely, the previous record holder was Shrek: The Musical! What on earth happened to that money?) There's a lot of wire work, with Spider-Man swinging on his web into the audience, they had to renovate the whole theatre for that. During rehearsals one actor broke his toe and another broke both his wrists. I'd give a review, but I haven't been to see it. Yeah. There's a hiccup. But I'm sure this will be remembered for years. But in what light? We'll just have to wait and see...

3 - Different faces, same problem.

So this might have fitted better yesterday, but whatever.

After Christmas, Ireland is having another general election. I mean, I'm sure our present Taoiseach (prime minister) Brian Cowen would have done fine without the recession. Ten years earlier, perhaps. But now, for the first time ever, maybe the Labour party will be in power. Well, it's not like I'm going to get the chance to choose. But there are people campaigning to lower the voting age from eighteen to sixteen... Roscuro for Taoiseach! I should make election posters...

And that's the showbizzy, gossip blog! It was quite hard finding interesting news, I must admit. And I checked  Silly Old Daniel and Perez Hilton and everything! Tomorrow's Thursday, when Musings will become a book blog! I must admit, I'm excited about that one. Halfway through!

Eleanor Roscuro

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Aoife. said...

I never really read gossip blogs, but this post was really good. I totally get the WTF-ness of mean-girls 2. Classics should be left alone (Grease 2, anyone?) And M.G is a legend anyway. I mean, without half my Tumblr dashboard wouldn't make sense.