Saturday 4 December 2010

Alternative Blogging Week - The Evaluation

Hello my darlings! This post is a chance for me and you to look back over the week that was Alternative Blogging, and discover some... (DOT DOT DOT) things.

Monday - The Fashion Blog

Ah. The fashion blogging. I wish I could blame it on the snow, but I can't. I will continue to blame a little bit of it on the snow, because I don't like being blamed for things, but most of it is to do with the fact that I don't know how to write about fashion, or analyse collections from famous, influential fashion houses in Paris and New York. I wear my brother's jeans! But I do show loyalty to a particular label - Nomads, all fair-trade clothing and are sold by my aunt, which is handy. But I will never be Tavi. HOWEVER - this does not mean that I will never blog about fashion... (DOT DOT DOT)

Tuesday - The Political and Current Affairs Blog

This may seem hard to believe, but I really enjoyed this! Part of it was actually finding out, and having my father explain the situation to me. and finally understanding. I like my daddy. Anyway. You seemed to like it too, and I'm glad! I should explain things like that more... (DOT DOT BLOT HA HA GOTCHA)

Wednesday - The Gossip Blog

I get all my showbizzy news from Silly Old Daniel, which is brilliant, and you should definitely follow him. Yes.  Anyway, it was quite hard to find up to date showbizzy news that actually interested me, but I think Mean Girls 2 was a shocker in itself. Again, if something interests me enough, I might talk about it and go WTF?!

Thursday - The Book Blog

I enjoyed this! Yes, I did! I'm glad I did this! I should do this more! Yes! And DOT DOT DOT should become a regular Musings THING! YES!

Friday - The Cooking Blog

This was great fun, of course, and the practice for my Home Economics practical exam in April is a bonus! I've never really liked cooking blogs though, because it's really not the same. But it's a blog. How can it ever be the same? Of course I'll be baking again, I just won't be blogging about it again.

Dammit! I should have done a PHOTOGRAPHY blog!

But will Alternative Blogging Week return next year?

We'll just have to see.

What about YOU? Would you like to see ABW return?

Eleanor Roscuro

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