Wednesday 6 October 2010


'You don't bother being creative?'
'No, I don't.'
'How can you do that? How can you not be creative?'
'I don't like it.'
'I don't believe this. You don't have a soul.'
'I do have a soul!'
'No you don't. You're not creative.'
'Eleanor, you're being silly.'
'No I'm not! This is very important! You have to be creative!'
'I don't.'
'OK, well... you like cooking, don't you? Baking stuff?'
'That's being creative!'
'No it isn't. I just follow the recipe.'
'Right. Right. Um... Do you garden?'
'That's being creative! Gardening!'
'No it isn't! It's just putting things in the ground!'
'You can win thousands of euros in gardening competitions!'
'Even planting pansies in a row is being creative!'
'Fine. OK. Umm... You're wearing a red headband today.'
'What made you decide to wear it? What compelled to reach for the red headband and put it on your head? Are you trying to make a statement? Express an opinion? An emotion?'
'It was the only one in my drawer.'
'You will be the death of me.'
'What do you mean?'
'It's just an expression.'
'For God's sake, will you ever say anything simple and clearly?'
'What I mean WAS, I'm supposed to be the quitter out of the two of us. Not you. You haven't even tried being creative in any shape or form, which I never thought was possible until now!'
'Eleanor, why is this so important to you?'
'Because being creative is the only way I can express myself and the reason I was put on this earth!'
'So... do you like music?'
'No, not really.'
'How in God's name can you NOT like music?! You can dislike a genre, or a band, but you can't NOT like music!'
'Yeah, well...'
'For God's sake. I'm only trying to improve you.'
'I think it's the other way around now, Eleanor!'
'What? How are you improving me?'


Emma :) said... if you could remember the whole conversation!

But I had this problem with a friend the other day. I was like "but what's your PASSION? What do you do all day? WHAT DO YOU DO?!"
I got pretty frustrated :) I don't understand how people can live without hobbies, if I'm honest.

Ariella said...

That's like what my friend Infublo does. We have the strangest conversations, and I'll wonder how we got onto the topic where we are and she can literally reap-eat the entire preceding conversation word for word.
But she has photographic memory.
And highly selective hearing. LOL.