Sunday 19 September 2010

Quote Of The Week #22

I wish I could be someone's Quote Of The Week. I wish I could inspire someone, or make them laugh, or make them think. I wish that my words could be remembered. I want to be a Quote Of The Week.

Eleanor Roscuro

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

El! Hi! So, check out my blog right now. And check out the new section in the first right hand side bar called "Quote of the week". Yes. It's new.
And Yes.
You rock.
And Yes.
You are my first quote.
I couldn't stand to see your quote of the week as it made me sad, and since it was a simple fix of me just finding something I liked from here, I thought I'd do it.
Otherwise, I would send you flowers.
I hope you're happy!

-Rae <3