Thursday 2 September 2010

Pinned Poems

A fairy's silhouette is crouching
On the notebook I kept in First Year.
When I open it I see
Poems about school, and the
Girls I didn't like and the friends
I missed.
I don't enjoy reading them, because
The boxes in my head where I
Keep those memories rattle,
Trying to get out.
But I am still glad
I can read them,
And I can laugh at myself
And cry for myself
Because my thoughts were so
But I still had to learn
How to share them properly -
To coax my memories from the
Boxes I had trapped them so I could
Pin them in to the notebook I kept in First Year
Like dried flowers in summertime.
And now I find I
Am no longer embarrassed or
(Some of them might be
Rather good.)


Emma :) said...

Did you write this? I like it :) It reminds me of a lot of notebooks I've kept over the years...with fairies (badly) drawn in them an' all!

I used to write all over my walls when I was angry as well...painting over them nwas the best catharsis ever, I genuinely felt like I was growing up.

Becuase I'm weird like that. But hey, I'm nearly 18, I gotta grow up sooner or later!

Anyway, like I say, nice poem. I like how you revisited pinning the memories in the notebook. That was my favourite bit :)

emma x

Anonymous said...

I do really like your free form poems. They're really good! Better than many of the poems that I get stuck with when I tutor college kids XD

But then, most of them don't like writing. So sad.

Thankyou for posting!

I've kept so many diaries, written down stanzas on so many sheets of paper that I can't keep track of them all haha

Do you have anymore?

Robin Payton said...

I hope you don't mind that I shared your poem with my FaceBook friends (linked to your site).

Eleanor Roscuro said...

I'm so, so sorry for the delay in catching up with all of you! Right, to business:

Emma: I did indeed write this. Any poem which does not have the poet's name on it is mine.

Rae: Why thank you! I do have more poems on this blog, if you click on the tag 'Poems' somewhere on the sidebar you can read them all. I also have two little stories too...

Robin: No, I don't mind at all! I'm quite flattered actually! Thanks!