Saturday 11 September 2010

Music at Musings - Marina and the Diamonds, The Cold War Kids, Alex Day, Just Jack, The Ordinary Boys, The Pretty Reckless, I Blame Coco

Good evening everybody, and welcome to Music at Musings! As you might have noticed, posts have been light on the ground. I can only apologize profusely for this, but school has taken a lot out of my time. Mostly I don't have any time for school to take! Although it goes and takes it anyway. How contrary. I know I keep saying this, but I guarantee that there will be at least one video uploaded this weekend. OK? Good! Let's get started!

Marina and the Diamonds - Shampain

Yes, she's back! This video is much more dark then Oh No! but still as good. Being on the set of her videos must be so much fun, with the body glitter on I Am Not A Robot, the big American party on Hollywood and the bubble wrap and pop art on Oh No!. Does anyone get a whiff of Thriller from this one? But with more lingerie? Any song on The Family Jewels could be a Top Ten single really! (Including this one. Make it happen minions! Chop chop!)

Marina and the Diamonds - I Am Not A Princess

OK, so this isn't really by Marina, just the songs. The director, Ely, has made this exquisite music video for them! The Alice in Wonderland angle works really well, as does the princesses! Marina herself even tweeted it! The fantastic genius explains her vision here in the underbar, and here's her Youtube channel!

The Cold War Kids - Hang Me Up To Dry

This has been one of my favourite songs for years now. I really don't know why I didn't post this before! And the video is beautiful. Bring back black and white! But keep technicolour too!

Alex Day - Pokemon, What Happened To You?

Alex Day has taken over my iPod. Really, I can't stop listening to him. One thing I hate though, is that just because Charlie and Alex inspire me so much, and I'm a teenage girl, I am automatically demoted to the status of 'fan-girl'. I find it degrading, like a Belieber. Oh well! Let's watch Alex sing about how Pokemon is rubbish these days! *swoons*

Just Jack - Embers

This is easily my favourite Just Jack song. The lyrics are beautiful, the tune is so poignant and melodic... A commenter on Youtube said 'The juxtaposition of the intricate and near perfect chamber music and the deeply human and flawed vocals is what makes this song so beautiful.' Whoever you are, you just pwned me. And I admitted it. I can't decide which one is more impressive.

The Ordinary Boys - I Luv U

You will all know that I detest incorrect spelling, but I think I can forgive The Ordinary Boys for this, when they've made such a cute, catchy song. Where oh where is the person who wants to sing this to me?

The Pretty Reckless - Miss Nothing

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor... I want to talk to you. But I think I will give you a whole post later, so I'll just talk about this song for now. I will be honest. I FREAKING LOVE THIS SONG! And I know you will either be in two teams:  'Team Taylor Needs To Stop Wearing Those Short Dresses And Be Cute Again' and 'Team Taylor Has Amazing Talent And A Great Voice So Shut Up Haters'. Me? Well... God! I need a full post for this! Hang on a tick! (Although I will say this: I love the song, but Taylor needs to stop wasting the lovely food. It's making me hungry.)

I Blame Coco - Playwright Fate

This is a lot different to Self Machine or Caesar. It's more... real. And I think I've found the first song on Fresia's soundtrack...

It's taken me an entire week to write this post, so I hope you're happy! Oh, of course you are!

Eleanor Roscuro


hannah zbitnew jagger said...

i LOVE marina and the diamonds and the shampain video is to die for...


Emma :) said...

Music at Musings <3<3<3

I'm so behind on my music at the mo because uni applications are taking over my LIFE, but I have a song on my ipod called the Shampain Sleeper...wonder if its the same?
(I'm wondering not telling you because I have not got time to listen to all of these. Yet. I go to work in like 5 minutes. But I will be back! With a vengeance! At about 11 o clock tonight!)

Eleanor Roscuro said...

Emma, The Shampain Sleeper is indeed the same as Shampain. Sleeper was it's working title in 2009.