Tuesday 27 July 2010

Baby Elephants Are Nature's Quadbikes!

Some of you might have noticed that I keep talking about something called PTS. This is my explanation. (Bear with me, it's quite good.)

In July 2009 (Wow! That feels so far away!), an eighteen year old guy called James from Kilkenny in Ireland where I ACTUALLY LIVE in ACTUAL LIFE decided to create an online platform for the youth of Kilkenny where they could write about different topics uncensored. It was called PunchTheSphinx. I first found about it in the local newspaper, and applied for authorship. And I got it. PunchTheSphinx organised a cool event called Capture The Flag, posted a few articles, and got on fine until November, when the site was put into hibernation by James, because he had just started college and didn't have the time for the site anymore. Five days later, I started Musings. But that's another story...

Fast-forward to June 2010 (Last month! Wow!), and PunchTheSphinx was BACK, bigger and better! To celebrate there was a huge game of tag rugby all around the city called Zombies, and that was fun! Even though I lost... But still! And there's articles, interviews, reviews, events, and awesomeness! It's not affiliated with any sort of youth organisation, it's all under the PunchTheSphinx banner. You better believe it baby.

If you're from Kilkenny, LOG ON! If you're from Ireland, LOG ON! If you're from the Milky Way, LOG ON!

But I mean, if you don't want to, that's fine. Whatever.


Eleanor Roscuro

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