Friday 11 June 2010

Three Blogs You Really Must Follow - Apart From Mine, Of Course.

Like the new look? The people behind Blogger have done an excellent job with the new Template Designer. You can even get three columns! I used to spend hours looking for the PERFECT TEMPLATE, and messing around with HTML, and then it wouldn't work and I'd be sad. So I'm glad they've introduced this.

Oh yeah! The point of this post! Well, here they are, after long and careful consideration from my Dashboard... (Please note that this is in NO PARTICULAR ORDER. OK? Good.)

*.{Miss Vintage Vixen}.

This was one of the first blogs I ever read, and my first one to love. Miss Vintage Vixen is spunky, witty, and completely fabulous! Twas also from her that I found my love for photography. I even interviewed her back in March as an Inspiro-Girl!

*Messy Carla: A Fashion Blog In A Size Sixteen

I found Messy Carla from her interview with Lisa Clark, and she seemed so happy and bubbly that I logged on to her blog immediately, and it didn't disappoint. Her blog is just so much fun to read, and the looks she puts together rock!

*Thunder + Threads

I found Leanne's blog, Thunder + Threads from a feature in Kiss magazine. It's just so... cosmopolitan? And she's just seventeen! Well, it's older than I am anyway... But this is one of the best fashion blogs I have ever come across!

Now, I want your recommendations! If you think there's any blog I'd enjoy reading, put it in the comments!



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