Monday 3 May 2010

Tag! You're It!

I've been tagged by Indigo and Amii-Louise! For Indigo, I have to say seven things about myself, and tag seven people, and for Amii-Louise, I have to say one hundred things I love and tag three people! ...OK, here goes!

About Me:

  • When I was ten, my brother married our neighbour. I was the priest.
  • A year later, I was the divorce lawyer for my brother's wife.
  • When I read The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne when I was ten, I couldn't work out if Bruno and Shumuel had died or not until my older and wiser cousin told me.
  • My lifelong ambition is to climb a tree, like in The Secret Garden or Tom Sawyer.
  • I have attended two special schools.

And now, things I love:

  1. Derek Landy.

  2. Darren Shan.

  3. The Book Centre.

  4. My iPod.

  5. My Bershka headphones.

  6. Dairy Milk chocolate.

  7. Tea, with milk and sugar.

  8. Harry Potter.

  9. Stationary.

  10. Blogging.

  11. Reading other people's blogs.

  12. Being tagged. (!)

  13. Paramore.

  14. Severus Snape.

  15. Gossip Girl.

  16. Killinaskully.

  17. Books.

  18. Audrey Hepburn.

  19. Acting.

  20. Hammocks.

  21. Sunny days.

  22. Gel pens.

  23. Jeans.

  24. Converse.

  25. Facebook.

  26. Paolo Nutini.

  27. Being a kid.

  28. Funny shaped clouds.

  29. Blackadder The Third.

  30. Father Ted.

  31. Originality.

  32. Musings of an Undiscovered Genius. (!)

  33. Blogger.

  34. Lindt Easter Bunnies.

  35. Hockey.

  36. Magic...

  37. Broomsticks.

  38. Ireland.

  39. London.

  40. Paris.

  41. New York.

  42. Brown Thomas.

  43. HMV.

  44. My laptop.

  45. Hugs!

  46. Teen Vogue.

  47. Kiss Magazine.

  48. Paperchase

  49. JASPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Inside joke...)

  50. Miss Vintage Vixen.

  51. Saturdays.

  52. Twitter.

  53. Lady Gaga.

  54. Florence & The Machine.

  55. iTunes.

  56. Guitar Hero: World Tour.

  57. Prom dresses.

  58. Dying my hair.

  59. Being in love. (!)

  60. Ice-skating.

  61. The Simpsons.

  62. Singing.

  63. Singing tunelessly.

  64. Coca-Cola.

  65. The Internet.


  67. All Time Low.

  68. Zumo's.

  69. Kilkenny.

  70. Youtube.

  71. Wikipedia.

  72. Blowing bubbles.

  73. Pink Lady apples.

  74. Haribo's.

  75. Red.

  76. Friends.

  77. Music.

  78. Black.

  79. Blue.

  80. Potter Puppet Pals.

  81. Movies.

  82. Milk.

  83. America.

  84. Love.

  85. Life.

  86. My phone.

  87. Flowers.

  88. Saoirse Ronan.

  89. Alice Cullen.

  90. Guitars.

  91. Popcorn.

  92. Funfairs.

  93. Candyfloss.

  94. The sea.

  95. Swimming.

  96. Sand between your toes!

  97. My hair.

  98. Glass.

  99. Hats.

  100. Me!

Phew! And now I hereby tag:

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LadyBug from fascination of all things random

SGuitar from Music and Life

Effy from Razzler Dazzler

Cherry Diva from Cherry Diva Hideout

Roxie Sweetheart from Roxie Sweetheart Girls Love

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Ariella said...

Woohoo! Something new to write about!

AnnaMcGarry said...

Ooooo this sounds fun! BUT, do we have to write 10 things about ourselves, or 100 things we like, or BOTH? And how many people do we tag at then end?

EleanorLight said...

Right... 7 things about yourself, and 100 things you love, then tag 10 people.

Ace-Of-Aoife. said...

Thank you SO much for tagging me - my first tag.
I never liked playing tag until I started blogging.

Anonymous said...

I met Darren Shan when he came to our school last year, he was awesome! He did role plays and I got to be the lady who gets her hand bitten off in Cirque Du Freak! Good times:)

XxLadyBugxX said...

Thanks a million for the tag! wehey, something to bllog about!!;)

Brónagh said...

loving no. 49! Jasssssssppppeeeerrrr! and no. 59.